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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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God Of War 2 The War Of The World 128x160 Jar

Help brave hero who rebel against cruel god of war Ares. He fights with minions of evil god, because he has to protect ancient city-state Athens. He must survive in difficult battles and destroy cruel god, because fate of the ancient world on his shoulders.

God Of War 2 The War Of The World 128x160 Jar


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Neith is said to have been present at the creation of the world and, in some stories, even the creator herself who gave birth to Atum (Ra) who then completed the act of creation. She is always represented as extremely wise and just as in the story of The Contendings of Horus and Set where she settles the question of who will rule Egypt and, by extension, the world. She is one of the four goddesses, along with Isis, Nephthys, and Serket, who appear on the canopic jars in the tomb of Tutankhamun and is probably best known today for her statuary there.

According to one myth, Neith preceeded creation and was present when the waters of Nun began to swirl at her command to give rise to the ben-ben (the primordial mound) upon which Ra (Atum) stood to complete the task. In another version of the story, Neith created the world and then went directly to found her city of Sais, leaving the rest of the work to Atum. By the time of the end of the Ptolemaic Dynasty Neith was still recognized as a creative force of enormous power who "created the world by speaking seven magical words" (Pinch, 170).

In the same way, Neith invented birth and gave life to humanity but was also there at a person's death to help them adjust to the new world of the afterlife. She helped to dress the dead and open the way for them to the afterlife and the hope of immortality and paradise in the Field of Reeds. As she was associated with weaving, she became linked to the goddesses Tatet and Nephthys who helped prepare the dead souls to move forward and also with Qebhet who cared for the dead and made sure they had cool water to drink as they awaited judgment.

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