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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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Levi Phillips
Levi Phillips

[S2E4] Contact !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Her storylines don't tie into the patients everyone else is treating. Her patient this time was a guy trying to guilt his sister into being in contact with him, much as June's dad did to her on Transplant Season 1.

[S2E4] Contact


This contact happens to be a woman called Limbrey, who knows their entire history, including the fact that the kids had the gold before losing it back to Ward Cameron. It turns out she actually funded his first development project. Back then, the pair were partners when they originally searched for the Royal Merchant. That is, until Ward double-crossed her too.

Father Gill regales the Olson dinner guests with tales of the Vatican. After the meal, he gives Peggy a lift to the subway, where he solicits help on a sermon. Peggy suggests he make eye contact and speak colloquially.

On Good Friday, Herman Phillips informs stunned Sterling Cooper staffers that his contact at American was fired that morning. The presentation will take place, though the agency will be, Don remarks, delivering "a stillborn baby". At confession, Anita Olson Respola admits to Father Gill that she hates Peggy. Anita reveals Peggy had a child out of wedlock and acts like nothing happened.

Read Karen's note on the bed and she'll tell you to contact Jacob on the number he listed on the attached note. Read the second note, then use the hotel phone on the bedside table to call Jacob with . After talking to Jacob, sit on the bed and wait for Karen. 041b061a72


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