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Who Buys Old Kirby Vacuums

As of 2003, Kirby was the largest source of revenue and profit for Scott Fetzer, with approximately 500,000 sales per year, about a third of which are outside the United States.[16] In 2003, Scott Fetzer sold the vacuums to about 835 factory distributors, who in turn sell the vacuums door-to-door.[16] As an incentive to new customers, Kirby offers the Service Center Vacuum Rebuild Program for original owners who have been registered with the company. As long as the customer owns the machine as the registered owner, if the cleaner needs repair, they can send it back to the Rebuild Department and have it restored to "like-new" condition. The company will completely disassemble it, repair or replace any worn Kirby parts, and sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny "new" appearance. Internal components are also thoroughly inspected and repaired with Kirby replacement parts so that it will perform as originally designed.[17]

who buys old kirby vacuums


Twelve distributors of Kirby vacuums in Massachusetts were cited for violations of the Commonwealth's wage and hour laws by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office in July 2010. The 12 distributors were cited for a variety of different wage and hour violations including nonpayment of wage, nonpayment of minimum wage, misclassification, child labor, retaliation and record-keeping violations. The distributors were fined a total of $199,300 for the violations and also ordered to pay restitution.[22]

A federal class-action lawsuit is pending against Kirby under the civil action provisions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), for allegedly selling used vacuums as new; the complaint alleges that "Not only is Kirby aware of this practice, it 'participates in the scheme by, among other things, selling to its distributors duplicate or replacement "Original Purchaser's Registration" cards to be given to secondhand purchasers.'"[27] The complaint also alleges that "Kirby commonly sells distributors new empty boxes and packaging material for the obvious purpose of repackaging units that the distributor previously sold to a prior customer."[28] Kirby's motion to dismiss was rejected.[27] After Kirby refused discovery requests for its sales contracts and other documents, Judge Clay D. Land compelled Kirby to disclose the requested documents.[29]

Kirby has sued unauthorized Kirby vacuum dealers for United States trademark infringement where the vacuums are identified by the Kirby name and logo. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has held that such use does not constitute trademark infringement.[31][32] The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit vacated an injunction granted in Kirby's favor by a lower court in that Circuit based on similar trademark claims against an unauthorized distributor.[33]

During the sales demo, our vacuums expert was told that trading in his existing vacuum cleaner would help to reduce the cost, and a payment plan was also offered to spread the cost of the Kirby over a more manageable period. Be wary of this option, though, as it would have significantly increased the overall cost of the vacuum by the time it was paid off.

It is the best vacuum cleaner ever. It has so much suction. That vacuum traps so much dirt. It is so much better than dyson. I liked kirbys ever since I saw the brave little toaster. Than here in 2009 I bought a kirby herritage 2. It is the best vacuum ever.

Kirbys can be had cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. Unlike modern plastic snap-together vacuums that are thrown out when something wears out, Kirbys are designed to be repaired when they break. Parts are readily available online and fixing them is a cinch.

Synopsis. Great vacuums. Manly. The kind of vac a black tee shirt-wearing Harley rider could use without feeling like a sissy. If you are willing to fix it when it breaks, it will likely outlive you. Five stars.

This review of the Kirby Heritage Machine is one of my top ten favorite reviews of vintage vacuums. Avid vintage vacuum wierdos and review reviewers like myself will not be disappointed with this review.

hi to everyone,we are from Italy ;my family bought Kirby legend 2 in 1987 or something like that and we continue to use it ; infact i googled kirby bags and i surfed this site, so i take the occasion to leave my compliments to this product.

Berkshire sold Kirby to Right Lane Industries, an industrial holding company that seeks to acquire US-based manufacturing and industrial-services companies, invest in them, and hold them permanently. That strategy chimes with Berkshire's promise of a "forever home" for the businesses it buys.

We repair and sell most types of vacuum cleaners including canisters, uprights, robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and handheld vacuum cleaners. We provide replacement parts, vacuums tune up and service, carper washer repair, and vacuum maintenance for most vacuum brands. Vacuum Cleaner Repair. Uprights, Canisters, Bagless

Although you might not know its brand name as well as some of its competitors, Kirby model vacuums have been around for more than 100 years and have a staunchly loyal fan base. According to Home Vacuum Zone, these vacuums are all built in the United States, are durable and can last for years. If you want to buy a used one or happen to have an older one, you might need some help determining its model and year. This information is essential if you want to compare features or get replacement parts.

The newest Kirby model vacuum is the Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System, which retails for around $1,200. This well-reviewed vacuum/shampooer comes with many accessories, including a portable sprayer, an upholstery nozzle and a wall and ceiling brush. The resale market for Kirby vacuums is thriving too. People know the solid reputation of these vacuums, and preowned ones sell quickly.

If you are looking for a resale Kirby vacuum, you can check places like eBay, Walmart, Amazon and other online retailers. Many are reconditioned and are almost as good as new. People who own Kirby models and need service or repairs can search for authorized service centers near them. These vacuums are a considerable investment, so it makes sense to have them serviced to keep them in the best condition for a long time. When you need new parts, you can find and order them on the Kirby website.

Banks's Vacuum is a trusted Kirby vacuum cleaner parts, service and repair facility. We repair hundreds of Kirby vacuums each month. Our warehouses stock thousands of Kirby replacement parts including vacuum bags, belts, filters, hoses, brush rollers, hard to find old parts, used parts, accessories and more. We guarantee our pricing on all Kirby vacuum parts and we ship nationwide. To purchase Kirby vacuum parts now simply click below, or call our Kirby vacuum cleaner experts toll free at 888-BanksVac for helpful advice. Visit your local Bank's Vacuum store to pick-up Kirby vacuum cleaner parts today. Let's talk Kirby. Let's talk vacuums. It's what we've been doing since 1956.

However, providing filters and vacuum bags only for certain models is a major drawback for some consumers who aspire to use all three products in concert with hopes of getting the cleanliest possible outcome. Kirby owners, for instance, will be able to use only one step in the process as Arm & Hammer failed to create filters and bags for Kirby vacuums.

Consumers who own the following brands of vacuums can use Fresh-ins, the bags and the filters: Eureka, Electrolux Hoover, Bissell, Panasonic, Dirt Devil, Kenmore, Black & Decker, Oreck, Dyson and a few others. Look for details at

As 2019 begins it is an opportunity to reflect on our 25 years in business & celebrate the story of the success of our business. I love a good story, & my kids will tell you that family dinner always starts with my request, "Tell me a story". What does a vacuum have to do with the start of Paul Hanson Partners? In 2004, during our first year in business my Controller, Dawn Johnson came in on Wednesday & told me we didn't have enough to cover payroll that Friday. We had already sold our little home for equity to rent a space & buy a fax machine & a phone system, we had sold our second used car to cover licensing costs & pay start up attorney fees, the bank had already told me no on a line of credit. I went home & started to do what any girl does when she can't think, I decided to clean house & vacuum. Then I recalled my grandparents who had a savings & loan in a little town called Sutter Creek. They financed Kirby vacuums & also refinanced them. So I called Kirby & told them I had a vacuum I got as a wedding gift & could I get a loan on it. I did, 22% interest, had the money in my account the next day. In the meantime Dawn had called the then only 5 employees together & told them we were short, I would have the money the next week but could they take a smaller amount now at 22% interest on the balance (I thought it was only fair I pay the same as what I got on my vacuum loan) & sure enough the employees only needed $1938 between all of them. Perfect, because I only had $2200. That week I was working on a account called United Van Lines with then Chief Counsel Morty Golder, I told Morty we were a start up & I needed my fee in advance, in fact, I needed the fee to even get on the airplane to go to St. Louis, so he paid me, I paid the employees, I paid off the vacuum loan. So two other American success stories, Kirby Vacuum & United Van Lines saved me that week, At the time there were only five employees, we had less than 100 accounts, my boys were only 4 & 1, Marvin made a lot of hamburger dishes, but two long standing American companies, Kirby & United Van Lines allowed me to keep going. There is only one thing I say more than, "tell me your story" & that is "live without fear", with no home (already sold to finance the start up), no car (already sold it to get licensed) what did a girl need with a vacuum? What's your story? 041b061a72


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