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Saw 5 Full Movie In Hindi Torrent: How to Download and Watch the Fifth Part of the Bloody Saga

The Story of Saw 5: How Jigsaw's Legacy Continues

The Pendulum Trap: The First Unwinnable Game

The film begins with a flashback of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) setting up a trap for Seth Baxter (Joris Jarsky), a convicted murderer who was released early from prison due to a technicality. Seth wakes up in a dark room, strapped to a table with a large pendulum blade swinging above him. A video message from Jigsaw tells him that he has to crush his hands in two vices to stop the pendulum from slicing him in half. Seth follows the instructions, but the pendulum does not stop. He realizes that the game is rigged and screams in agony as the blade cuts through his torso.

Saw 5 Full Movie In Hindi Torrent

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The scene shifts to the present, where Hoffman is hailed as a hero for killing Jigsaw and ending his reign of terror. However, he receives a letter from someone who knows his secret, saying "I know who you are". He burns the letter and goes to the crime scene of Seth's death, where he meets Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson), who survived Jigsaw's trap at the end of Saw 4. Strahm is suspicious of Hoffman and questions him about his involvement in Jigsaw's case.

The Water Cube Trap: Strahm's Escape

Meanwhile, Strahm is called to another crime scene, where he finds a tape recorder with Jigsaw's voice, telling him to stay in the room and trust him. Strahm ignores the message and follows a trail of blood to a hidden door. He enters a room with a large glass box filled with water and a breathing mask inside. He puts on the mask and is locked inside the box by Hoffman, who appears behind him. Hoffman plays another tape, revealing that he is Jigsaw's apprentice and that Strahm is in his game now. The tape says that Strahm will soon be faced with a choice: die in the box or live by doing what he tells him.

Strahm manages to escape from the box by performing a tracheotomy on himself with his pen. He breaks the glass and crawls out of the room, leaving Hoffman trapped inside. He then follows Hoffman's footsteps to an underground tunnel, where he finds a secret entrance to Jigsaw's lair.

The Fatal Five: The Group Test

At the same time, five strangers wake up in a sewer with collars around their necks, attached to cables. They are Brit (Julie Benz), an executive; Luba (Meagan Good), a city planner; Charles (Carlo Rota), a journalist; Mallick (Greg Bryk), a drug addict; and Ashley (Laura Gordon), a fire inspector. A video message from Jigsaw tells them that they are all connected by a common thread: they are responsible for a fire that killed eight people. He says that they have to work together to survive five tests, each one requiring a sacrifice of blood or flesh.

The first test involves breaking jars containing keys to unlock their collars before they are pulled into blades on the wall. Charles tries to get all the keys for himself, but is killed by the blades. The others manage to free themselves and move on to the next test.

The second test involves crawling through tunnels filled with explosives and nails to reach a door before it closes. Mallick goes first and reaches the door, but does not hold it open for the others. Ashley follows him, but is killed by an explosion when she steps on a tripwire. Brit, Luba, and Mallick make it to the next test.

The third test involves filling a jar with 10 pints of blood by putting their hands in circular saws. Brit realizes that they could have used one pint each if they had worked together in the previous tests, but now they have to use five pints each. Luba refuses to cooperate and tries to stab Brit with a knife, but Brit fights back and kills her. Brit and Mallick fill the jar with their blood and move on to the final test.

The Coffin Trap: Hoffman's Plan

The final test involves an electric panel with two buttons and two wires leading to two metal coffins in another room. A video message from Jigsaw tells them that only one of them can survive by entering one of the coffins, while the other has to press both buttons simultaneously, which will close both coffins and activate an incinerator that will burn them alive.

a gun at him and tells him to get out of the coffin. Hoffman tells him that it is his only way to live, and that he has been following Jigsaw's rules all along. He says that Strahm is the one who has been breaking the rules, and that he is the last person Jigsaw wanted to test. He plays a tape from Jigsaw, which confirms Hoffman's words and tells Strahm to get into the other coffin if he wants to live. Strahm refuses to believe it and shoots at Hoffman, but the bulletproof glass protects him. Strahm then throws Hoffman out of the coffin and gets in himself, hoping to survive the incinerator.

Meanwhile, Brit and Mallick decide to work together and press both buttons at the same time. They are shocked to see that both coffins are empty, and that they have been tricked into killing themselves. The incinerator turns on and burns them alive.

The coffin with Strahm inside slides into a hidden room, while the coffin with Hoffman inside slides into the main room. Hoffman gets out of the coffin and walks away, while Strahm is trapped in the coffin with no way out. He screams as he realizes that he has lost Jigsaw's game.

The Reception of Saw 5: How Critics and Audiences Reacted

The Box Office Performance: A Commercial Success

Saw 5 was released on October 24, 2008, in 3,060 theaters in North America. It opened at number two at the box office, behind High School Musical 3: Senior Year, with $30.1 million in its first weekend. It went on to gross $56.7 million in North America and $57.1 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $113.9 million. It was the lowest-grossing film in the series at that point, but still a profitable one, considering its budget of $10.8 million.

The film also performed well in some international markets, especially in Spain, where it topped the box office for two weeks and earned $9.4 million. It also did well in France ($7.6 million), Germany ($6.9 million), and the United Kingdom ($6.8 million).

The Critical Response: A Mixed Bag

Saw 5 received mixed reviews from critics, who praised some aspects of the film but criticized others. It has a 13% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 86 reviews, with an average rating of 3.5/10. The site's critical consensus reads: "If its plot were as interesting as its torture devices, or its violence less painful than its performances, perhaps Saw V might not feel like it was running on fumes." It has a score of 20 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 13 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".

Some critics complimented the film for being more coherent and less confusing than its predecessor, Saw 4. They also appreciated the performance of Costas Mandylor as Hoffman, who was seen as a worthy successor to Tobin Bell's Jigsaw. They also found some of the traps to be inventive and suspenseful, especially the water cube trap and the pendulum trap.

However, many critics felt that the film was too repetitive and predictable, following the same formula as the previous films. They also criticized the film for being too violent and gory, without any redeeming value or social commentary. They also disliked the characters and the acting, finding them to be shallow and unlikable. They also questioned the logic and plausibility of some of the traps and twists.

The Audience Response: A Loyal Fanbase

Saw 5 received a more positive response from audiences than from critics, who were mostly fans of the franchise. It has a 59% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 250,000 user ratings, with an average rating of 3/5. It has a score of 6 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 115,000 user ratings.

in Bell's cameo as Jigsaw, who was still the main attraction of the series. They also appreciated the film's attempt to explain some of the unanswered questions and loose ends from the previous films.

However, some viewers were disappointed by the film, feeling that it was not as good as the earlier films in the series. They also complained that the film was too boring and slow-paced, lacking the tension and excitement of the previous films. They also criticized some of the traps and twists, finding them to be illogical and unfair. They also disliked some of the characters and the acting, finding them to be annoying and wooden.

The Download Options for Saw 5: How to Watch It Online

The Legal Options: Streaming Services and Digital Stores

If you want to watch Saw 5 online, you have several legal options to choose from. You can either rent or buy the film from various streaming services and digital stores, depending on your preference and budget. Here are some of the available platforms and prices for Saw 5 online:




Amazon Prime Video

$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)

Apple TV / iTunes

$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)

Google Play / YouTube

$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)


$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)


$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)

Microsoft Store

$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)

Redbox On Demand

$3.99 (SD) / $4.99 (HD)

$7.99 (SD) / $9.99 (HD)

You can also watch Saw 5 online if you have a subscription to one of these streaming services:

  • HBO Max: You can stream Saw 5 on HBO Max, along with all the other Saw films, as part of your monthly subscription ($14.99).

  • Peacock: You can stream Saw 5 on Peacock, along with some of the other Saw films, as part of your monthly subscription ($4.99 with ads or $9.99 without ads).

  • Tubi: You can stream Saw 5 on Tubi, along with some of the other Saw films, for free with ads.

  • Pluto TV: You can stream Saw 5 on Pluto TV, along with some of the other Saw films, for free with ads.

  • Crackle: You can stream Saw 5 on Crackle, along with some of the other Saw films, for free with ads.

The Illegal Options: Torrent Sites and Piracy Risks

If you want to download Saw 5 online for free, you might be tempted to use illegal options such as torrent sites and piracy websites. However, we strongly advise you against doing so, as there are many risks and consequences involved in using these methods.

First of all, downloading Saw 5 illegally is a violation of intellectual property rights and a form of theft. You are depriving the filmmakers and distributors of their rightful income and harming the film industry as a whole.

Secondly, downloading Saw 5 illegally is a security risk for your device and your personal information. You might expose yourself to malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, phishing, identity theft, and other cyberattacks that could damage your device or compromise your data.

Thirdly, downloading Saw 5 illegally is a legal risk for yourself and others involved in the process. You might face legal actions such as fines, lawsuits, or even criminal charges for infringing the copyright laws and participating in online piracy. You might also put others at risk, such as the torrent site operators, the seeders, the leechers, and anyone who shares or downloads the file.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to avoid using illegal options to download Saw 5 online, and instead use the legal options that we have listed above. Not only will you be supporting the film industry and respecting the filmmakers' rights, but you will also be protecting yourself and others from potential harm.

The Conclusion: Is Saw 5 Worth Watching?

In conclusion, Saw 5 is a film that has its pros and cons, depending on your perspective and preference. If you are a fan of the Saw franchise and enjoy watching gory and twisted traps, you might find Saw 5 to be a satisfying and entertaining continuation of Jigsaw's legacy. You might also appreciate the performance of Costas Mandylor as Hoffman, who adds a new dimension to the series. You might also like some of the traps and twists, especially the final one involving Strahm and Hoffman.

However, if you are looking for a fresh and original horror film, you might find Saw 5 to be a stale and predictable rehash of the previous films. You might also dislike the film for being too violent and gory, without any meaningful message or commentary. You might also hate the characters and the acting, finding them to be bland and annoying. You might also question the logic and fairness of some of the traps and twists.

Ultimately, Saw 5 is a film that is not for everyone, but for a specific audience that enjoys this type of horror. If you are curious about it, you can watch it online using one of the legal options that we have mentioned above. However, if you are not interested in it, you can skip it and watch something else instead.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.


  • Q: How many Saw films are there?

  • A: There are nine Saw films in total: Saw (2004), Saw 2 (2005), Saw 3 (2006), Saw 4 (2007), Saw 5 (2008), Saw 6 (2009), Saw 7 (2010), Jigsaw (2017), and Spiral (2021).

  • Q: Who is Jigsaw?

  • A: Jigsaw is the main antagonist of the Saw franchise. He is a terminally ill cancer patient who kidnaps people who he believes are wasting their lives and puts them in traps where they have to make life-or-death choices. His real name is John Kramer, and he has several apprentices who help him carry out his games.

  • Q: What is the timeline of the Saw films?

  • A: The timeline of the Saw films is not linear, but rather overlapping and interlocking. The chronological order of the films is as follows: Jigsaw, Saw, Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, Saw 5, Saw 6, Saw 7, Spiral.

  • Q: What is the theme of the Saw films?

  • A: The theme of the Saw films is the value of life and the consequences of choices. Jigsaw believes that he is testing his victims' will to live and teaching them to appreciate their lives. However, his methods are cruel and immoral, and often result in death and suffering.

  • Q: What is the best Saw film?

  • A: The best Saw film is subjective and depends on your personal taste and opinion. However, some of the most popular and critically acclaimed films in the series are Saw, Saw 2, Jigsaw, and Spiral.



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