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Michael Jackson Bad Full Version Movie Of Home _HOT_

In March 1988, Jackson purchased 2,700 acres (11 km2) of land near Santa Ynez, California, to build a new home, Neverland Ranch, at a cost of $17 million (equivalent to $38,950,760 in 2021).[157] He installed a Ferris wheel, a carousel, a movie theater and a zoo.[157][158][159] A security staff of 40 patrolled the grounds.[158] Shortly afterwards, he appeared in the first Western television advertisement in the Soviet Union.[160]

Michael Jackson Bad Full Version Movie Of Home

In 1988, Fisk University honored him with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.[514] In 1992, he was invested as a titular king of Sanwi, a traditional kingdom located in the south-east of Ivory Coast.[515] In July 2009, the Lunar Republic Society named a crater on the Moon after Jackson.[516] In August, for what would have been Jackson's 51st birthday, Google dedicated their Google Doodle to him.[517] In 2012, the extinct hermit crab Mesoparapylocheles michaeljacksoni was named in his honor.[518] In 2014, the British Council of Cultural Relations deemed Jackson's life one of the 80 most important cultural moments of the 20th century.[519] World Vitiligo Day has been celebrated on June 25, the anniversary of Jackson's death, to raise awareness of the auto-immune disorder that Jackson suffered from.[520]

The film received mixed reviews. Critics praised the music though complained that there was no plot and that it seemed like a series of music videos tied together. Variety reported that Moonwalker "seems unsure of what it was supposed to be. At the center of the pic is the "Smooth Criminal" segment, a musical/dramatic piece full of dancing, schmaltzy kids, sci-fi effects and blazing machine guns (directed by Academy Award winner Colin Chilvers, based on a story by Jackson). Around it are really just numerous Jackson music videos with little or no linkage. Although quite enjoyable the whole affair does not make for a structured or professional movie."[6]

Moonwalker was released on a region-free Blu-ray in the United Kingdom in June 2010 by Warner Bros.[12] This Blu-ray version contained a new remastered transfer and a DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack.[13] The release has been censored, with the scenes of Mr. Big hitting Katie and threatening to inject her with heroin cut from the film.[14] The Blu-ray was released in its original theatrical 16:9 aspect ratio, different from the previous 4:3 home releases.

Moonwalker was developed into an arcade video game by Sega with the help of Jackson, which was released on the Sega System 18 hardware.[19] A distinct adaptation was also developed for Sega's Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System home video game systems.[19] The console versions of the game were actually based on an evolved version of the side-scrolling Sega Mega Drive Shinobi series engine, while the arcade version was a three-quarters beat 'em up.[20]

Michael Jackson's Bad returns this September with new music and never-before-seen concert video footage in the first re-release of a full album from the King of Pop's catalog since he died in 2009, his record company and estate said last week. The Bad 25 deluxe package, released on Sept 18, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the original, Grammy-winning album with hits like The Way You Make Me Feel, and it will include demos and songs that didn't make the final cut of the original version.


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