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Lincoln Wright

Valya Sister Final Version Part 0321

stressed from not having her best work with the sisterhood recognized, she ultimately decided to stop taking classes and become a servant of the sisterhood, mainly to help ensure that her own work was not lost. just as she was about to depart, however, one of the sisterhood leaders, a very old woman, came into the room, walking with a cane. she embraced valya warmly, before speaking with her about her work, and giving her a gift. she then left the room, and valya followed her. vorian returned with a pair of scissors, which he used to cut off her hair. then he revealed that he knew the truth, that she was his grand-daughter, and that she was going to die. however, he told her that she was an important part of his life, and that she would be taken to a safe place, with the help of the sisterhood.

Valya Sister Final Version Part 0321

one night, valya went into the kitchen to tell the cook that she had been dismissed. but she was stopped by the cook and the room was darkened. raquella gave her a shot of something in her arm, and then she pulled out a razor blade and tried to slit valya's throat. but valya fought back and the blade hit raquella's hand instead, causing a deep wound. finally, valya was able to escape, and went to the restaurant, where she told the chef what had happened. he immediately called the police, who arrived at the scene and took her into custody. it was also at this time that raquella said to valya, "now you have no choice. you must carry out the plan. if you don't, i will kill everyone you care about."

she was given a sedative and taken to the medical ward of the hospital where the doctors would attempt to revive her. however, the sisterhood's leaders decided that she should instead be taken to a small abandoned town in the desert, where the leaders would bury her and plan her funeral in secret. vorian then took her there, and said goodbye, before taking her back to the hospital. on her return to the sisterhood's headquarters, valya wrote a letter to her mother, telling her everything that had happened. she told her about vorian, and the fact that she was pregnant. she then went to a lab and created a tattoo on her face which allowed her to disguise herself as the young girl she had once been. she then went to the desert where she would be buried. her dead body would be abandoned and left to decay, and the only remaining evidence of her existence would be the small, charred tree she planted on the spot where she would be buried. vorian watched it grow into a full-grown tree.


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