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Crowd City Щ…Щ‡ЩѓШ±Ш©

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Absolutely we should. If it takes a 9.0 magnitude earthquake AND a tsunami to cause a possible containment breach in a modern nuclear reactor, I'd say that's a pretty safe way to generate electricity overall. If only the oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico had been so well constructed.

Absolutely believe we should expand use of nuclear generation of electricity. Design of plants has improved over the 30-40 years since the Japanese facilities were built. New designs store enough"heavy" water above the reactor to allow gravity to drop water in the reactor and kill the reaction. Please do NOT over react and end an incredible alternative to fossil fuels.

There are five reasons to why I believe Nuclear Power should be used as a source of electricity.1) It is clean energy and we are able to get off Coal and Natural Gas2) Its cheaper to use3) We are able to heat our homes with Nuclear Power without having to mine coal and generate natural gas. As a granddaughter and great granddaughter of Pennsylvania coalminers I believe it is dirty and hurts more people who mine for coal and causes more deaths and injuries each year. This is why I like the idea of using Nuclear Power.4) The more people use Nuclear Power the better it is for us to see the future as being cleaner and environmental friendly.5) Finally, Nuclear Power should be a necessity in most cities where there are no fault lines. There is a safety issue like Japan that needs to be monitored.

Nuclear power is a reliable source of energy, according to the EPA it's currently responsible for about 19% of the electricity in the U.S. Nuclear power plants emit no greenhouse gases or acidic discharges which are byproduct of coal burning power plants. In fact nuclear power plants produce less radioactive discharge than coal burning plants.

Nuclear power's greatest disadvantage may ultimately be that in many circumstance of negligence or a natural catastrophe an atomic disaster which is not likely but plausible may occur. Thus, threatening the life and quality of life of those who it has provided with electricity or any who simply resided within the affected zone animal and human.

From all information that has been provided by experts on this issue, I believe we have a chance of building nuclear plants that will avert some of the shortfalls we are seeing in the Japan Plants. It looks like, just like any other catastrophes, political activists are wanting to use this issue to score cheap political points. We need a sustainable source of electricity that is low in emissions, Nuclear is one of the best. Let 's use it with responsibility.

I think that people should not be deterred from Nuclear Power as a source of energy. Nuclear Power is dependable, clean, and has less carbon output during the total life-cycle of a facility than wind and solar. Nuclear power facilities of current designs are able to be almost automated; if no one was at the facility, they would shutdown by themselves. With concerns to waste, the current amount of Nuclear Waste, from all the reactors in the US, would fill that of a football field a yard deep. The Yucca Mountain would be able to handle that capacity and much more for future years. Current storage is located at the plants themselves, securely. I would encourage people to research this more, as when I started, I didn't know the 'whole' facts.Nuclear is a "yes" and a necessity.

Yes, it should. How much injury and death have resulted from flight, electricity, the industrial revolution, and, indeed, human-generated fire. Head back to the caves of neolithic times? Rather, continually strengthening technical control and human management of nuclear-generated energy will offer the time we need to successfully put in place other realistic energy saving and generating systems.

Absolutely NO, with the current incident in Japan it is clear nobody can secure a safe environment for our communities, workers and the environment for the sake of energy. Wake up America before your city will be evacuated next! We must find a safer way to produce energy.

As a society, we must exist with risks and rewards in all things. Unfortunately, we have been deluded into thinking that we must disavow all things that involve any degree of risk, regardless of the consequences. Nuclear power has demonstrated over the past several decades that electricity can be generated and distributed quickly, easily, safely, and efficiently. If we grounded airplanes or decided to build no more airplanes everytime a plane crashes, we would be ignorant of the progress the human race has attained. Nonetheless, I dare say there are those who would advocate just such a thing.

Nuclear power should be put into the context of risks/consequences versus benefits of other options. How many died from the 3 Mile Island powerplant accident (answer = 0)? How many have died as result of coal fired powerplants emissions over the 30+ years since 3 Mile Island (answer per EPA = over 10,000 per year)? If we had made these comparisons and expanded nuclear power from the 20% of USA electricity it has been and reduced coal fired power (or made it cleaner), just think how many lives would have been saved.

Nuclear is OBVIOUSLY not safe,,, we have had numerous close calls here in the U.S, that the media never cover or hear about. Our aging fleet of reactors is brittle, leaking and working beyond their capacity and designed life span. We are playing Russian roulette. New nuclear will be very very expensive, even more than wind or solar, and the GOP is trying to fast track new reactors. allowing even less time for serious study of designs or safety features. We still have no where to put the waste with the geologic unsuitability of Yucca mountain, and NO state wants to be the nuclear waste dump of the country. The industry is fraught with problems not the least is its dependency on Federal and taxpayer loan guarantees and subsidies, since Wall street considers it too high risk for serious private investment. Time to move on to take advantage of massive offshore and landbased wind, and Southern and Western solar potential. Coupled with aggressive energy efficiency, this would negate the need for new nuclear.

I don't think the radiation is a doomsday problem, as the movies and media would have us believe. Hiroshima was bombed, yet today it is a modern vibrant city. Radiation from a nuclear palnt is miniscule compared to that from a bomb. Because a nuclear power plant uses uranium which is much much much less concentrated then that used in a bomb, it could never become a bomb.

Unfortunately nuclear power is here to stay. The population of the world is increasing faster than our ability to provide energy for it. We have already exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet. So everything we do is artificial in nature. Renewable energy sources will help but if we manage to provide 20% of our needs with solar , wind and geothermal energy by the year 2050 the population of the world will have increased by 30%. Our oil supplies are being utilized at an increasing rate but our supplies are decreasing. We have no choice but to use what energy sources we can find including nuclear. The reactors we are designing now are better than the ones in use in Japan. Some experts have said that those reactors were poorly designed 50 years ago and we will never make those mistakes again. But you can rest assured when we are looking at this same problem 50 years from now a different set of experts will say they can't believe how poorly designed the reactors that came on line 2012 were, and we will never make those mistakes again! Yes we will use nuclear energy in the future we have no choice

I feel that most people think nuclear power is a viable and relatively non polluting source of energy. However, using it safely must be our primary concern and that means providing much more funding, research and oversight than is currently evident in this and other countries. The U.S. currently has 20% of our electricity produced by fission plants. Some of these reactors are not only as dated as the failing Japanese design, but are also dangerously sited in locations that are very susceptible to some of the same destructive Earth changes: Quakes, Tsunami, Vuncanism...etc.. The cost to retrofit those plants or build new more robust ones is just too great to be very economically viable. In addition, there is quite simply NO truly safe place to dispose of or store such highly radioactive wastes as those generated by fission. The half-life of some is tens of thousands of years. What kind of language can you put on a warning sign that is guaranteed to still be understandable that many years from now? Even currently used graphic signs may be misinterpreted by future generatrions. I feel we should, instead, invest just as heavily, the sooner the better, in alternate sources of energy. The technology currently exists to start changing over to safer, cleaner ways of producing energy. We should take advantage of the current public awareness of the tragedy in Japan to rethink our energy solutions.

We do not need more nukes. Despite the campaign to paint them green by those who stand to profit from their construction, there is nothing green about them, especially uranium fueled plants. One can make a better case for thorium fueled plants, a much safer alternative. But if you factor in the cost of storing and maintaining storage on spent fuel for thousands of years, uranium fueled reactors are the most expensive electricity available. And they are not safe. What more evidence is needed to make that point? Mining the uranium is highly destructive to the environment, processing it into fuel creates an enormous waste problem, and there is no way to safely store spent fuel. And the accidents that we have seen in no way approach the worst case scenarios that can occur with a nuclear plant. Even "The ChIna Syndrome" does not portray a worst case scenario. It's quite possible for a reactor to melt down the core and become a permanent nuclear volcano, spewing radioactivity into the environment for hundreds of years, a very possible outcome to the situation in Fukushima. And despite the claims of the nuclear industry, they have a very poor track record. The Hanford plant area in Washington is a nuclear superfund site. Rancho Seco in Sacramento was so poorly designed and built that it spent more time off line than on and the spent fuel is still on the site with no permanent storage solution available. Three Mile Island is a permanent memorial to bad design and poor maintenance practices. There was another small experimental reactor in Idaho that malfunctioned and killed the operators in 1961. And don't even think about Chernobyl, a disaster whose ongoing effects on the environment are still being assessed. The only thing nuclear energy has created that is good is the selflessness of those who died in trying to control the disasters. 041b061a72


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