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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

Modern Dancers

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Santiago Price

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb VST RTAS V1 1 WORK

Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass VST can also be accessed. This package contains four studio-quality reverbs, each modeled after outboard classics. Classik Studio Reverb provides high-quality, musical processing that is comparable to signature hardware reverb units. It has the same quality and character as top engineers use for years.Classik Studio Reverb was created to bring out the best musicality and recreate the sound of your favorite hits. It also has a classic sound that fits perfectly into any mix. CSR is a collection of four studio-quality, high-end reverbs that are modeled after classic outboard reverb units. Each unit has been meticulously modeled to reproduce the distinctive sound of high-quality, outboard reverbs.

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb VST RTAS v1 1

These reverbs lack the same musical sound and editing capabilities that studio digital reverbs are known for. Classik Studio Reverb requires less processing power than other impulse-based technologies and is also more flexible. You can now manipulate and shape reverbs in a variety of ways, giving you performance comparable to high-end studios. You can create macro controls that allow you to make large-scale changes in Classik Studio Reverb effects. This allows you to virtually transfer environments.

Classik Studio reverb offers a wide range of parameters and options that will suit any mixed situation. CSR Classik Studio Reverb is a set of four studio-quality reverbs that are based on popular outboard models. CSR offers over 100 parameters that can be adjusted per unit. This allows you to tweak and fine-tune your sound. In a plug-in format that is low on CPU, everyone can now enjoy the classic sound of outboard workhorse signatures reverbs in their own studio. The Classik Studio reverb VST package is a powerful one for the four studio-quality reverbs, which are inspired by outboard legends. You can create a variety of layouts using innovative and high-quality reverbs. This includes everything from small area bounces to large scene echoes. This program was inspired by the outboard classics. It has over 100 parameters controls per unit, which will allow you to create your own sound.


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