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Lincoln Wright
Lincoln Wright

La Rumba De L'amour (Rumba)

Das Mädel von Havana, Melodia Cubana, Das Mädel aus Havanna, Elskovsøen, Bajo el cielo de Cuba, Rumba chanson des îles, Rumba d'amour, Rumba erotos, La rumba dell'amore, Nenita, kwiat Hawany, Sången om Kuba

La rumba de l'amour (Rumba)

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"Je suis la fausse note au pays de la rumba. C'est bien la rumba, mais à un moment donné, c'est trop: je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime", proclame le "grand frère" de tous les rappeurs congolais, Lexxus Legal, partisan d'une musique capable de faire aussi "danser le cerveau".

Not that one is necessarily easier to learn and master... In fact, most of the movement characteristics and a few of the figures are the same in both styles. Additionally, the goal in both styles is to get around the floor efficiently and with ease while maintaining the unique characteristics of each dance, smooth/standard, rhythm/Latin has relatively little overlap. While each category has cha cha, rumba and a swing dance, international has Samba and Paso Doble, while American has Bolero -- another, slower Rumba dance -- and Mambo. The Rumba dances are dissimilar, even in their basic counts, with steps on counts 1, 3, 4 for American and 2, 3, 4 for international. Most importantly, the hip motion differs: in American style, one steps onto a bent leg; in international style, onto a straight leg. [Henry Neeman] 041b061a72


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