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[S13E22] Leave It Inside

April joins Andrew in a trauma room. The patient is Holly Harner, who's complaining of chest and abdominal pain after a fall. She also has a forearm fracture. April asks how she fell. Holly says she was having the third best sex of her life when she had to pee. She tried to find the bathroom in the dark, but she opened the front door instead and fell down two flights of stairs. Her sex partner slept right through it, but his neighbor found her. The guy's a one night stand, so he probably thinks she just ducked out in the middle of the night. She then realized she left her pants on his floor. The X-rays came up, revealing she broke her arm in two places. April finds free fluid in the left upper quadrant. April asks for a scan and to have general paged. Andrew leaves and Holly asks April if he's single.

[S13E22] Leave It Inside

As Meredith's waiting for her patient's scans, she calls for Maggie and asks if she's home tonight. Maggie says yes and asks why. Meredith was thinking about having Nathan over, but she doesn't want it to be weird. Maggie says she can have over whoever she wants. It's a little weird but fine. April comes in as Meredith decides not to invite Nathan over. Maggie leaves. Holly tells her doctors that they'll see something weird. The scans come up as Holly tells them she has a giant, inoperable heart tumor. They can ignore it. The doctors are shocked at the size of it.

Andrew catches up with Jo as she leaves the hospital. He asks if she wants to grab a beer, but she has an early surgery. She would like to go tomorrow, though. Andrew then says talking to her is one of the only good things to have come out of this year. This past year's been rough, but he's not sorry. He feels like they went through it together. She stops him. She knows what he's about to say and he shouldn't. He understands and goes back inside.

Meredith walks up to him and he asks about Holly. She tells him that it's time to let Holly go. He won't see her again. All the time he and Holly spent together closed his heart, but he shouldn't let it hold him back. No more sitting and waiting. He has to grab his new life by the hand and go out there and live it. Corey doesn't quite follow her. She walks off and is joined by Nathan. She takes his hand and they leave together, holding hands.

During autopsy, Doc Robbins pulls a gold heart-shaped charm from inside the victim's mummified heart. Meanwhile, former stripper Angela Banner (who no longer uses the street name "Miss Kitty"), recognizes the victim as Megan Ramirez, another ex-stripper/porn actress who wanted out of the game. Angela was helping Megan and others like her at a "stripper church" called the Fellowship of Fallen Angels, run by a "Brother Larson." She tells Russell and Brass that she last saw Megan two months ago and, since then, several other girls have disappeared. Brass flips through the files of the missing girls and comes across his daughter, Ellie. He calls his ex-wife Nancy, but only tells her that Ellie is in Vegas.

Meanwhile, Greg and Nick follow up on another missing girl. They find Chloe Rudolph, a food fetish porn actress, dead with her face and upper chest covered in chocolate. The camera used to film the shows went live an hour ago, which is when people started calling in about the body. Chloe's pimp boyfriend, who owns the place, is found dead in a freezer, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. Nick guesses that Chloe choked on dessert and finds a tin of chocolate-covered locusts on the table. Also on the table is another Bible with another dowel inside. When Nick opens it, he dumps out another gold heart pendant. There's now officially a serial killer on the loose.

Greg and Nick go back to the church, taking John along with them. While John stays out of harm's way outside, the CSIs search the inside of the church. In Brother Larson's office, they find a recording of one of his sermons playing on his computer. They're soon alerted to a woman screaming, and they find Angela trying to strangle someone who's been strapped to a bed. Outside, John sees someone smoking and decides to investigate. The mystery person soon disappears, and John goes to pick up the cigarette butt as evidence. Before he can do so, though, the smoker arrives and knocks John out.

Under interrogation, Angela insists that she and Brother Larson are innocent and are only trying to help those less fortunate. She explains that the girl strapped to the bed is an addict who was detoxing. Brass has had enough and demands to know where Ellie is. Angela is unsure, but she blames Brass for Ellie's current life and unknown whereabouts, causing the detective to leave the room.

Brother Larson's home computer is searched, and online messages from "Anonymous" are found. The client has even put in a request for another girl for that night. Morgan offers herself up as the girl, believing that she can get inside the killer's home and get him to identify himself. Ecklie is completely against the idea, but Finn reminds him that without an undercover operation, they're all just waiting around for another body to drop.

The season closer ended with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) figuring out who the mole inside the FBI from a serial killer cult was and holding her at gun point. Unfortunately, he couldn't take her out because at the last second she revealed that the group had Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) held hostage. She offered Reid an ultimatum to come with her and join the cult, or Garcia would be next on their victim list.

How worried should we be, Erica? Two of our agents are in very serious danger at the end of these two episodes.Erica Messer: I know, I know. It's crazy. We are certainly in love with both Garcia and Dr. Reid. They feel like two incredibly important pieces to our team, who won't be available if they're held captive. They won't be available to help us solve the case, which is crazy. The challenges we're coming up with now are, "Gosh, if we have two of our MVPs sitting on the sidelines here, what can we do? What clues do they possibly leave behind for us to help find where they're being held or how we help to solve this case without them?" It's one of the first times, I think, we've ever been without, truly, truly without the help of both of them.

The scene shifts to Maggie's bedroom, and she is seen holding a rifle and smiling malevolently. She quickly hides it under her mattress as Homer and Marge come to check on her. They think she is napping, and they recall the time she shot Mr. Burns. "She's like Clark Kent. When there's excitement, she's nowhere to be seen," says Homer. He pulls the blanket over Maggie and leaves. Maggie then opens her eyes and resumes smiling creepily. 041b061a72


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