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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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Bad Companies (Original Mix)

Advanced inventory management software can improve forecasting capabilities by using machine learning to analyze usage and demand, while automatically calculating the optimal time to replenish inventory items. This helps companies avoid holding excess stock that could end up sitting on shelves indefinitely. Leading software solutions support inventory tracking across multiple locations and enable businesses to trace items through their entire lifecycles to track product quality issues.

Bad Companies (Original Mix)

A: Dead stock is inventory that a company has held for a long time and is unlikely to sell. To get rid of dead stock, companies may employ strategies such as offering discounts or bundling dead stock with better-selling products.

A: Deadstock fabric is past-season fabric that went unsold, usually because it was surplus, unwanted by the designer, slightly damaged or of subpar quality. Some fashion companies may source deadstock fabric to save money or prevent fabrics from being thrown away.

Tobacco companies have decades of experience marketing their products to kids and teens. From ad campaigns to product placement to cartoon characters, Big Tobacco has spent big bucks on getting kids to start smoking. Tactics are deceptive and gloss over the fact that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. The truth is that the only way the tobacco industry can make up for the adults who die from tobacco-related disease is to have kids start smoking. Every day, close to 100 kids and teens who had previously been occasional cigarette smokers become regular daily cigarette smokers.

The tobacco industry has promoted "low harm" versions of their products since day one. However, light, low tar or filtered cigarettes are not any less dangerous. In fact, a federal judge convicted the major tobacco companies on racketeering charges in part because they lied to the public with their health claims. The truth is that the risk of dying from smoking has increased over the last 50 years at the same time that most smokers switched to these "healthier" cigarette types.

Calling youth their "replacement smokers," tobacco companies callously and aggressively advertise to youth, because they know they are killing their current customers. An infamous quote from one tobacco industry document gives insight on how they view recruitment:

"Younger adult smokers have been the critical factor in the growth and decline of every major brand and company over the last 50 years. They will continue to be just as important to brands/companies in the future for two simple reasons: The renewal of the market stems almost entirely from 18-year-old smokers. No more than 5 percent of smokers start after age 24. [And] the brand loyalty of 18-year-old smokers far outweighs any tendency to switch with age... Brands/companies which fail to attract their fair share of younger adult smokers face an uphill battle. They must achieve net switching gains every year to merely hold share... Younger adult smokers are the only source of replacement smokers... If younger adults turn away from smoking, the industry must decline, just as a population which does not give birth will eventually dwindle." February 29, 1984 RJR report, "Young Adult Smokers: Strategies and Opportunities". Bates No. 501928462-8550 041b061a72


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