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Jacob Isaev

Radimpex Tower 7: A Powerful Tool for Structural Analysis and Design

Radimpex Tower 7: A Powerful Tool for Structural Analysis and Design

Radimpex Tower 7 is a graphical program for universal analysis of influences in planar and space structures. It can perform static and dynamic structural analysis, concrete, steel and timber design. It is based on experience lasting many years and on the latest knowledge and realization of the expert team, engineers and first-class programmers.

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Some of the features of Radimpex Tower 7 are:

  • Analysis of static influences in accordance with first order and second order theories

  • Calculating the structural stability (determining the critical forces and buckling lengths)

  • Calculating the natural values (forms and oscillating periods of the structure)

  • Generating the seismic load in accordance with various standards (JUS, EC8, SNIP, ...)

  • Generating automatically the mesh of finite elements

  • Generating automatically the masses in all nodes on the model

  • Analysis of influences throughout defined stages of building construction (prefabricated structures, composite structures, etc.)

  • Modeling the prefabricated floor structures by orthotropic plates

  • Beams and columns with variable cross sections (haunched beams, prismatic columns, laminated wood girders, etc.)

  • Modeling the rigid connections in beam nodes (offset beam - diagrams in clear spans)

  • Eccentric positioning of beams and columns (true modeling of girders in plates, columns with abrupt change of cross section, etc.)

  • Analysis of influences in prestressed structural members (arbitrary cable geometry and calculating the prestressing force loss)

  • Foundations on elastic ground

  • Assigning the completely arbitrary character and direction of load action

  • Analysis of influences due to live load (defining the completely arbitrary pattern and path of live load)

  • Generating automatically the load on rotationally symmetric parts of the model due to various natural phenomena: self-weight, snow, pressure, water, earth, wind

  • Calculating due to temperature influences and support displacement

  • Automatic dimensioning of reinforced concrete (JUS, EUROCODE, SNIP, ACI, DIN, BS, SIA, etc.) structures.

  • Automatic dimensioning of steel structures (JUS, EUROCODE, SIA).

  • Automatic dimensioning of timber structures (JUS, EUROCODE).

  • Creating easily the high quality design documentation with vignette, textual reports and graphic blocks

If you are interested in Radimpex Tower 7, you can download it from this link[^1^]. However, you will need a license to use it. If anyone can crack it, write to and they will send you the license[^1^]. Alternatively, you can contact Radimpex Software directly and purchase a license from them.

[^1^]: Radimpex Tower 7 with Download Link - YouTube 0efd9a6b88


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