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What To Buy Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

A perfect gift to commemorate "the millennial marriage" (buying a home together without tying the knot), this cute print will be a keepsake you'll treasure forever. It can be customized with your names, state and the year that you moved in.

what to buy your girlfriend for her birthday

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Consider this a gift for both of you. This ready-to-hang poster invites you to step outside your comfort zone and try some new date ideas. The list includes everything from making dinner together at home to taking dance classes.

When aches and pains kick in, she can stick this kneading massage pillow wherever her body needs it most: tense shoulders, strained back muscles, tight hamstrings, you name it. Beats your sub-par back rub, no?

Add her initial to this dainty necklace, which comes in gold, rose gold or silver. You can add up to seven discs on one chain to spell out an important word, her name, or add initials of other family members (maybe yours?).

A thoughtful, custom way to bring your song to life, this glass photo print can be personalized to feature a sweet picture of the two of you or an album cover. At the bottom, a scannable code will direct your girlfriend to the selected Spotify song, album, or playlist of your choice. A timestamp can even be included to direct her to a specific line!

No matter the physical distance between you two, you can share that you're thinking of her thanks to this touch bracelet. Simply tap the face of the bracelet, and your partner's will vibrate and light up. You can even send up to 10 touches at a time, creating your own secret code if you'd like.

Monumentalize one of your greatest relationship milestones, like the day you met, your first kiss, or your anniversary, with a custom star map that'll display the exact time and place of your memorable moment.

If the two of you already binge-watch a lengthy list of Netflix shows and are looking to break free from your usual rotation, this scratch-off movie poster is the perfect gift for you. It's filled with the top 100 movies of all time that will help you keep track of the cinematic classics you've seen together and even inspire you to watch new ones.

But instead of a traditional sunset or an image of a cute animal, this Etsy seller takes any submitted photo and turns it into a numbered canvas that your girlfriend can paint. Send in one of your earliest photos together or just one where she looks extra flawless.

Whether it's for her birthday, Valentine's Day, or just because, your girlfriend deserves a thoughtful gift that suits her lifestyle. From a cozy shearling throw blanket for the homebody, to luxury colored glassware for the host, to a mini portable speaker for the audiophile, we've come up with 69 gifts for girlfriends of all types.

The Dyson Airwrap is notoriously hard to obtain, whether because of stock issues or its $600 price tag, so our Style & Beauty team recommends the Shark FlexStyle as the closest multi-styling tool on the market. At half the price of the Airwrap, it's still more of a splurge, but well worth it for a girlfriend who's interested in upping her at-home hairstyling game.

For the girlfriend who loves snapping pics, give her the option of either using the camera or connecting her phone and directly printing from her camera roll. The Polaroid Now+ also comes with five creative lens filters to unlock even more artistic possibilities.

Spice things up with this hot sauce subscription, which delivers one or three hot sauces to your girlfriend's door every month. There's even an extra-hot version if her heat tolerance is off the charts.

Otherland makes some of our favorite luxury candles, and for $36 a pop, they offer unique scent combos in a really beautiful, reusable container. You can also mix-and-match your own gift sets or shop exclusive collections.

If your girlfriend takes forever to sip their tea or coffee, get them this ingenious mug that keeps their beverage for as long as it takes for them to drink it all. It's also app-controlled, so they can use their phone to find the right temperature and presets.

If your girlfriend loves experiential gifts, look no further than this annual pass to most of the US National Parks. It accommodates a car of up to four people, so you can plan a trip with friends or family, too.

If your girlfriend sends you her Wordle score every day, she'll be thrilled with the physical board game version. You can play against each other or have up to four people racing against the clock to guess the word first.

This card game, from the popular Instagram account We're Not Really Strangers, is designed to enhance connections between people with different levels: perceptions, connection, and reflection. Not only is it a card game you haven't played before, but it's also a thoughtful activity you can enjoy with your girlfriend.

Grab 39 sheet masks to make it easier for your girlfriend to have a frequent and well-deserved "treat yourself" day. These are highly rated and have both vitamin E and collagen included for healthy, happy skin.

If your girlfriend has a sentimental side, this fill-in-the-blank book will make her melt. It's filled with over 110 pages of prompts where you can share all of the special, silly things you love about her.

ClassPass solves both issues. It's relatively affordable, and members can access a neverending catalog of great workouts with small class sizes. If your partner is getting back into fitness after over a year of at-home workouts, we'd highly recommend a gift card here for whenever they're ready to use it.

Aside from looking cute, this TikTok-famous lamp warms candles up without lighting them. It helps your girlfriend enjoy her candles' scents whenever she wants without worrying about smoke or accidentally forgetting to put them out.

Framebridge makes custom framing a bit more affordable. You can print or paint something on your own and have it framed, or have them print and frame it, and you can take advantage of the team of designers for help deciding what frame to get.

If your girlfriend loves to create art, this 215-Piece art kit includes everything she'll need for projects: Crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, fine line markers, watercolor cakes, and acrylic paint.

Most people with naturally curly hair avoid wearing hats to reduce frizz, but Kink and Coil's satin-lined beanie solves that issue. Just like a silk pillowcase or a bonnet, the inside of the beanie is designed to protect your hair from frizz and damage. On top of that, the pom-pom can be removed, if she'd prefer to wear the hat without it.

If your girlfriend happens to be extremely into astrology (like, consistently asks for your exact time and location of birth so she can compare charts), surprise her with this thorough birth chart book. It comes bound in a hardcover book with beautiful illustrations that tell her zodiac story. The only caveat is you'll need to know when and where she was born, so you might need to sneakily text some friends and family first!

For the girlfriend who loves entertaining, help them live their biggest hosting dreams with this cheese and charcuterie board. With fold-out sections and cheese knives included, it has everything to create a truly stellar spread. Plus, for an added $10, you can get it personalized.

Did your girlfriend get into baking bread and, miraculously, stay committed to it? If so, a really nice Dutch oven can help elevate her experience. You can get something great for under $100, or you can splurge on a beautiful Le Creuset. Other meaningful upgrades include a cooling rack, according to the famous baker Apollonia Poilâne.

The classic Wool Runners make a great gift for the uninitiated, though we'd also highly recommend the brand's casual cup sole Wool Piper for everyday wear if that's more your partner's style. You can find our full review of the Runners here, and the Wool Pipers here.

In the category of things your girlfriend may love but hasn't asked for yet: Foreo facial brushes. Our team swears by these gentle yet effective cleansing devices. They have hygienic silicone bristles and come in five different models for different skin types. The Luna is small enough to bring on the go, so your partner can maintain their skincare routine while traveling.

If your girlfriend never hits the sack before 1 a.m., she'll embrace this Night Owl sweatshirt when she's burning the midnight oil getting creative, cranking out work, or just binging on Only Murders in the Building.

Any yogi knows having blocks of your own at home is a treat. All the extra support for her favorite poses is essential as she grows in her practice. So, come in like prince or princess charming with this gorgeous set.

You may or may not know this, but I'm here to tell you that microneedling is all the rage RN, and if your girl is skincare-obsessed, this is the perfect gift for her. It comes with a cleanser specifically designed to prep the skin before using the microneedling tool and a calming gel moisturizer that'll soothe the skin afterwards.

This Disney-themed journal will help your girlfriend plan out her amazing projects and reflect on accomplishments from the past. When she's not conquering the world, she'll love nostalgically looking back on her previous ideas.

Are you looking for the best gift idea for your girlfriend? When it comes to finding the best gifts for her, we know the pressure is on! Is she a fitness fanatic? Does she love sleeping in? With so many girlfriend gifts to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect present she'll love, and actually want to keep.

That's why our gifting gurus at Reviewed have done the work for you curating 55 of the best gift ideas for any type of girlfriend, like luggage for a romantic getaway, a designer purse she'll take everywhere and a convenient wine delivery service. She'll be sure to love any of these popular picks, many of which are top rated gifts at Amazon or have been tested by our team of experts, so you can be confident you're buying your girlfriend a quality gift, whether it's a birthday gift, anniversary or any special occasion. 041b061a72


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