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Where To Buy Aerobic Step !!EXCLUSIVE!!

A top-rated platform on Amazon with over 9,700 positive reviews, this stepper can be purchased with a set of two or four risers to up your workout intensity. The risers have nonskid feet that protect you from injury by preventing them from shifting out of place.

where to buy aerobic step


This shock-absorbing aerobic stepper has a large surface area and nonskid rubber feet. It also includes extra risers to make the platform up to eight inches tall. As a bonus, there are multiple color options to choose from.

Level up your cardio workout with this aerobic stepper that's shock-absorbing and good for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports up to 400 pounds, and it comes with support blocks that can make the riser up to eight inches tall.

This step platform is super portable, weighing less than six pounds, but it can still support up to 440 pounds. Plus, it's easy to clean, and you can adjust the height so it's four or six inches tall. There are also two color options available.

This indoor/outdoor stepper has a smaller surface area, so it's ideal for working on balance and precision. But its size also makes it easier to store or transport. Plus, it comes with four additional risers (all with nonskid rubber feet) that make it up to 12 inches tall.

For only about $30, this step platform is an absolute bargain. It can support 400 pounds and comes with risers that increase its height from four inches to six. The risers lock into the platform so that they're secure and sturdy.

Looking for a new exercise step platform for your home gym setup? Our team of fitness experts chose 10 of the best step platforms on the market to put through rigorous, side-by-side testing. We performed circuit after circuit on each platform to reveal which are the most stable, reliable, and slip-resistant. Aching muscles and all, we put together this comprehensive review in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information and advice. Exercise steps are practical and popular, and our review will help you find the best one to match your needs and budget.

If you are looking for a versatile piece of home gym equipment, the Yes4All Multifunctional Deck is an excellent choice. This bench is strong enough to be used for many strength-building movements and versatile enough to make up for its high sticker price. The lower legs lock into place at 8" and 14" but can be safely set up as a decline bench. The platform moves from a flat position to a 25, 50, or 75-degree incline, with each one offering safe and stable support. It's an incredibly dynamic choice for home gym use because it can be positioned in so many ways. You can easily transition from one configuration to the next without taking time away from your workout. This bench even offers a 5.65-liter storage cache beneath the central platform, though when this storage space is full, the adjustable feet are inaccessible. The coin-grip surface texture provides great traction for sweaty hands or wet shoes, and the feet offer excellent floor traction as well. This step weighs in at 32 pounds and stays in place quite well. Yes4All rates this multifunctional aerobic deck for up to 300 pounds, and we believe this to be true. During testing, we had a 200-pound man use this as a bench for heavy lifting and a step for jumping, and it held up to the challenge without fail.

The drawbacks of the Yes4All are relatively sparse in the grand scheme of things. We found it to be quite cumbersome to move, though still doable. When lifted, the feet tend to buckle, which can add to the overall clunkiness of movement. This isn't a problem if you choose to leave the bench in one spot, but we would not recommend this step if you plan to move it around often. The only other nitpicky detail we found with this bench is that it is only 14" tall at its highest. We love to add box jumps to our circuits, and 14" isn't high enough for a real hop-testing challenge. Ultimately, however, anyone who wants an all-in-one bench for lifts and circuits will be very happy with this option.

The HomGarden Adjustable Stepper is similar to a few other exercise step platforms in our collection. It is versatile enough for full-body circuit use and adjusts to three different settings. To adjust this style of step, simply flip the bench upside down, line up the legs and holes, and give a gentle stomp to lock into place. The textured surface offers an above-average grip for sweaty hands so that you can perform everything from push-ups to grueling mountain climbers with ease. At just under 9 pounds, this platform's light weight also makes it an excellent choice for use in a setting in which it will be moved frequently. Plus, the feet can be stored in the step's undercarriage, which aids in keeping your workout setup looking streamlined and neat.

The HomGarden's height maxes out at just 8" off the ground. Additionally, each foot's rubber nubs are not very well constructed and allow the step to slip out slightly from underfoot, causing our testers to feel less secure than other models. We tested other steps that were far less slip-resistant, but we offer a word of caution when using this bench on a freshly waxed group fitness floor. The feet are adequate at protecting your home hardwoods from damage, though, which is a solid plus. If you are looking for a strong, durable, and uber-weight bearing step to accompany your gym setup, we think you'll be pleased with this budget-friendly buy.

The Reebok Original Aerobic Step is stable enough to be used for many different compound and intense movements. This step is designed to be abused by the heaviest-footed workout enthusiasts with three different height settings and a secure base. The step can be set at 6, 8, or 10 inches in height and remains equally stable throughout the range. Once you get the hang of adjusting the feet, the Reebok step becomes an excellent choice for a home or public gym setting. Reebok claims that this step is rated for up to 242 pounds. Throughout our testing, we had a 200-pound man jump and step onto this bench while holding a 45-pound kettlebell. The base never bowed or showed any signs of aggressive impact. The plastic and rubber come together to create a stable and useful platform with good traction.

The Escape Fitness RISER is a platform meant to be jumped on. Throughout our research, this step stands out amongst the rest as a real winner for plyometric exercises. Plyometrics can be described as the rapid contractions of muscles as a modality for building strength. Simply put, plyometrics is the act of jumping and rebounding to develop muscular strength and endurance. The Escape Fitness RISER is octagonal, allowing dynamic, 360-degree motion during a workout. In addition to a multitude of accessories for this step, this highly unique shape makes it very versatile. Each step is sold individually, so if you choose to buy them, you can securely stack them to your heart's content. The wide and balanced support base allows the Escape RISER to safely stack to a height well beyond most of its competitors. If you opt to purchase the long, oval-rectangular platform, you open up your options to include a more traditionally shaped step or an incline bench. The upper and lower portions of this step are coated in a thermoplastic rubber that is super grippy. Additionally, the smooth texture of the surface allows for easy cleaning. It is quite apparent that these risers are well made.

Unfortunately, the Escape Fitness isn't always the most practical choice. Each platform is under 5", and you have to purchase the risers separately. Gaining notable height with the Escape Fitness RISERS can get pretty pricey. Overall, we think this particular platform and its corresponding accouterments would best be utilized in a functional fitness-type setting. The base is not quite wide enough for a true step aerobics workout, and it isn't a budget option. But if you are looking to outfit your home gym with some state-of-the-art equipment, you'll likely be pleased with what you get for the money with this setup.

For something a little different, we recommend The Step High Step Platform. This 16" square exercise step platform is versatile enough to justify its slightly higher price tag. It comes with four risers that can stack up to create a 12" platform, allowing each workout to be fully customizable. The risers come together with the "loose-locking" mechanics of older-style steps. The square shape allows the grooves to sit together more firmly than rectangular-shaped versions, and this style is easy to adjust on the fly and lightweight. The risers are very sturdy, and each comes with four non-skid feet to help the platform stay put and protect floors. The rough upper surface is easy to clean and texturized enough for use during super-steamy workouts, and the platform is constructed of recyclable and highly durable high-density polyethylene.

The super durable Yes4All Adjustable High Step Platform offers a long-lasting square step for home or public gym use. As with others of this shape and size, you may need to get creative if this is the only platform available to you. Still, we love how it goes from 4" to 12" with very minimal effort. The loose-locking risers come together to weigh about 13 pounds and are claimed to support up to 300 pounds. This platform's technology is very basic, but the plastic definitely holds up to daily use. Each riser has four non-skid feet beneath it, which helps protect the floor surface beneath it while in use.

Our biggest criticism of the Yes4All Adjustable High Step is that the platform surface texture doesn't prevent slipping very well. Sweaty hands and wet shoes slide off of this platform easier than we prefer. Additionally, if the surface beneath the step is mildly uneven, the risers don't lock together safely. These components are less than ideal and raise some safety concerns, especially for use in an unpredictable home gym setting. For the price, we feel that there are better options. Ultimately though, if you're after an exercise step platform that will last a long time, the Yes4All option will suffice. We think this particular step will be best employed in a controlled gym setting with a very even, non-slip floor. And don't forget to bring a towel to lay over the top, so your hands don't slip mid-push up! 041b061a72


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