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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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Peninah Njeri Mwangi

Viking Shield Of AC Valhalla

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Probably because these statues are all the same woman-statue. The others are all male. 2 of them seem to be some sort of thor maybe and the third i cannot recognise, yet they differ from the otherwise exact same 3 female statues. The shields dont seem to mean anything, for they cannot matter in this riddle.

Although the Shield is not that fast, being a Light Shield, it is more challenging than any other light shield and can bear heavy attacks to block severe damage. It is also much durable in stunning your foes. So, use this AC Valhalla Shield to your advantage and block as many hits as you can.

Heavy shields are bigger and tougher shields in AC Valhalla and are usually combined with heavy axes and swords. Wielding them may compromise your movement speed, but they provide better protection against serious hits. If you are facing sturdy where slow and steady strategies are more effective, then these are the best option to carry. Here is the list of Best Heavy Shields in AC Valhalla.

One problem while equipping this mighty Shield is that it is a bit huge and slows down the movement of Eivor but equipping it has more advantages than its drawbacks as it also offers pretty decent stun along with fire damage, making it one of the best shields in the game. You can use this Valhalla Shield against serious bosses with plenty of health.

The Royal Shield is a Superior Heavy Shield suitable for players who like to play more on the offensive side while wielding a shield. It is often paired with a Dane axe or a heavy hammer to maximize the outcome.

Shields are types of secondary hand armaments meant for defense...most of the time. In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, there are 2 types of shields: Light Shields and Heavy Shields. The lighter variety offers mobility and moderate defense while heavy ones appropriately do the opposite by anchoring Eivor while they raise their guard and providing higher impact reduction.

However, shields in Assassin's Creed Valhalla can be equipped in the main hand as well to become offensive tools that can bash foes in the face with surprisingly effective strikes, especially when dual-wielded. The latter tactic is quite unorthodox, though grants high stamina damage, decent health damage, and a much more fortified guard.

Updated on October 19, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: As there is a ton of variety among the Light Shields and Heavy Shields in regards to appearance and minor stat variables, there will surely be a defensive armament for any player wishing to use one. Those seeking the most fashionable shield to match their armor can find close to any color and design, so be sure to loot chests and complete main quests to find all of them! However, keep in mind that there are quite a few that are only obtainable through DLC packs, which can mean spending real money or Ubisoft Helix Credits.

Light shields are likely the first secondary weapon that most players will use in the game and offers a reliable way to negate the incoming damage of regular attacks and parry special ones with a yellow aura. Since one can use them to guard while moving, they can be immensely helpful in getting out of sticky situations without sustaining unnecessary injuries.

In the off-hand, Light Shields are used to block or parry, depending on if the player holds down the input or taps it. This is the most reliable, though also most basic, function of a shield and will undeniably be the way most use them...though not all.

The heavy attack combo is rather unimpressive, as it is a max of 2 attacks that start with a short, shield-first lunge and is followed by an outward swing. The health and stamina damage are not really worth the stamina cost, though this move can hit multiple enemies and can be useful for crowd control.

Interestingly, having a Light Shield in either hand grants an effective boon to the light attack combo as well, though the offhand shield appears as a very fast 4th hit that comes after the 3rd attack in a straight jab that can br


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