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Spectromancer Gathering of Power FULL: A Review

Spectromancer Gathering of Power FULL: A Review

Spectromancer Gathering of Power FULL is the latest and most complete version of the popular strategy card game Spectromancer. It is a downloadable content (DLC) that requires the base game Spectromancer on Steam in order to play. In this review, we will look at what this expansion offers and whether it is worth buying.


What is Spectromancer?

Spectromancer is a fantasy card game that pits you against other mages in duels of magic. You can choose from 16 different classes, each with their own unique cards and abilities. You can play the game solo in a campaign mode, or online against other players in a league mode. The game features a simple but deep gameplay system that rewards strategy and creativity.

What does Gathering of Power add?

Gathering of Power introduces four new classes to the game: Warrior Priest, Vampire Lord, Cultist and Golem Master. These classes have their own special cards and mechanics that add more variety and challenge to the game. For example, the Warrior Priest can heal himself and his allies, the Vampire Lord can drain life from his enemies, the Cultist can summon powerful demons and the Golem Master can create and upgrade golems.

Other improvements include:

  • Visual appearance of the game in fullscreen mode was improved (especially in Windows 7).

  • Campaign was changed. Players now start the campaign with all cards unlocked, and learn upgrades to the cards during the campaign. Upgraded versions of cards are available in the campaign only.

  • Now it is possible to select cards and slots with arrow keys (useful on laptops).

  • Blitz duels were implemented in the online league. Each player has 15 seconds for their turn - these battles are quick as lightning!

  • Good news for players with unreliable internet connections: now it is possible to reconnect after a broken connection and finish the duel.

Is it worth buying?

If you are a fan of Spectromancer, then Gathering of Power is a must-have expansion. It adds more content, variety and challenge to the game, and enhances the overall experience. The price of $7.99 is reasonable for what you get, and you can also buy a bundle that includes the base game and all previous expansions for $9.99. If you are new to Spectromancer, then you might want to try the base game first before buying this DLC.


Spectromancer Gathering of Power FULL is a great expansion for a great game. It adds four new classes, improved graphics, revamped campaign, blitz mode and more. It is a worthy addition to any strategy card game lover's collection.

How to play Spectromancer?

The game is played on a board with five slots on each side. Each slot can hold one card. You can play one card per turn from your hand of six cards. Each card has a cost in mana, which is generated by your power sources. You have five power sources, one for each element: fire, water, air, earth and a special one for your class. You can also use some of your mana to activate your class ability once per turn.

The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent's life points to zero by attacking with your cards. Each card has an attack and a health value. When a card attacks, it deals damage equal to its attack value to the target card or the opponent's life points if the slot is empty. When a card receives damage, its health value is reduced. If a card's health value reaches zero, it is destroyed and removed from the board.

Some cards have special effects that can trigger when they are played, when they attack, when they are destroyed or at the end of each turn. These effects can do various things, such as healing, damaging, buffing, debuffing, summoning or transforming cards. You need to use these effects wisely to gain an advantage over your opponent.

What are the differences between the classes?

Each class has its own unique power source and ability that can influence the game in different ways. Here is a brief overview of each class:

  • Cleric: Power source is Holy. Ability is Healing Touch, which heals 3 life points.

  • Mechanician: Power source is Mechanism. Ability is Repair, which restores 3 health points to a card.

  • Necromancer: Power source is Death. Ability is Raise Dead, which resurrects a random card from the graveyard.

  • Chaosmaster: Power source is Chaos. Ability is Chaos Bolt, which deals 3 damage to a random target.

  • Dominator: Power source is Control. Ability is Mind Control, which takes control of an enemy card for one turn.

  • Illusionist: Power source is Illusion. Ability is Mirror Image, which creates a copy of a card on the board.

  • Beastmaster: Power source is Beast. Ability is Call Beast, which summons a random beast card from the deck.

  • Elementalist: Power source is Elemental. Ability is Elemental Blast, which deals 3 damage of a random element to a target.

  • Warrior Priest: Power source is Faith. Ability is Divine Shield, which gives a card immunity to damage for one turn.

  • Vampire Lord: Power source is Blood. Ability is Bloodlust, which gives a card +3 attack and -1 health for one turn.

  • Cultist: Power source is Demon. Ability is Summon Demon, which summons a random demon card from the deck.

  • Golem Master: Power source is Golem. Ability is Upgrade Golem, which gives a golem card +1 attack and +1 health for one turn.



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