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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

Modern Dancers

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Santiago Price
Santiago Price


So my one drummer sent a session we are working on back with his single MIDI track containing his part recorded through SD3 & when I replace SD3 with BFD3 on my end, I hear the tom where the snare should be, the cymbals filpped it sounds like also.


Gel is available in 2' x 3' sheets and rolls of 4'-5' wide and up to 35' long. There are 'party' colors, light balance compensation colorts, diffusion materials, neutral density and reflective materials to name a few options. Samples of these colors and other material options are usually avaialble in a 'gel swatch'. The swatch sample book can be filpped through to select a color and held up to a light source to see an example of how the colors with affect a surface. The gel swatch samples can also be held in front of a color or light meter to indicate what density or color correction grade of gel is needed to rigged or placed on a large scale in front of lighting instruments on the day of shooting.

If FLIP matches the value of the ChannelNumber keyword in the Instrument group, then both the observation and calibration image data will be filpped left to right. This does not modify the byte order of the individual pixels, and does not flip any of the buffer or dark pixels. 041b061a72


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