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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 7 ((EXCLUSIVE))

The Glock 17 appears to now be the sidearm carried by officers of the Honolulu Police Department. It is also used by criminals in the season alongside with the Beretta 92FS. Nation of Hawai'i separatist are armed with them in "Ka laina ma ke one" (S7E14). It appears in an old gun magazine cover in "Hahai i na pilikua nui" (S7E17).

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 7

Hawaii Five-0 was on the air for 10 seasons before its conclusion in 2020. The team was led by the brave but sometimes reckless Steve McGarrett. McGarrett and his partner, Danny, were best friends but they were also known for their bickering. The team added and lost members over the years, but audiences could bet that plenty of action and comedy, and personal stories about the main characters, would be in store.

Some seasons do better than others; the same is said for episodes. The best episodes out of a season tend to do well because of interesting storylines, action, or just standing out for their own merit.

The episode begins with Steve visiting with the father of his archenemy, Wo Fat. However, Season 6's final episode primarily focuses on the drug epidemic that is plaguing Hawaii. A friend of Nahele's is one of the latest victims, and Steve and Danny end up going undercover as pilots. However, disaster strikes when Steve is gravely injured during the flight, forcing the two best friends to land on the beach. Danny goes after those responsible with a vengeance, and ends up at the hospital, where he volunteers his liver to save Steve's life, as Steve's liver is in terrible disrepair. Luckily, the season finale doesn't leave audiences wondering if Steve will survive, as they're reassured that both Steve and Danny will be fine, even supplying one of their famous arguments in the final moments.

The season finale was ranked the highest in the first season, and it's no question as to why. Five-0 is left in shambles after the murder of Laura Hills. Steve is on the run to prove his innocence, Kono finds herself in big trouble when she's identified in a line-up for a previous act of breaking the law to save her cousin, and Danny's got a dilemma of his own regarding reuniting with his ex-wife. By the episode's conclusion, both Steve and Kono are in jail, Danny misses his plane back to New Jersey, opting to stay and help his friends, and Chin has gone back to HPD, with Five-0 dismantled and their fate left unknown.

The showrunner also shared the poster for the annual "Sunset on the Beach" event in Waikiki, Hawaii on Instagram on August 14. Its celebration of the season's premiere will include a tribute to 50 years of the franchise and a special performance by Cyndi Lauper, along with the premiere of the new CBS series Magnum P.I. on Friday, September 14. Lenkov also serves as showrunner on that reboot.

As the halfway point of the season approaches, CBS is once again America's most-watched network, leading second-place ABC by +2.55 million viewers. The Network has eight of the top 10 scripted series including NCIS, the top drama, and The Big Bang Theory, the #1 comedy in both viewers and adults 18-49. 041b061a72


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