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Buy Custom Dog Tags

Serialize your tags with a counter variable. Use for crab-trap, membership, & industrial tags. Design a single template tag and use the character to represent a number that automatically increments on each subsequent tag (up to 25 tags). Click for changes to take effect. Learn more here.

buy custom dog tags


Our premium quality Mil-Spec Dog Tags will last a lifetime and are completely customizable so you can easily create your Dog Tag for a particular use or occasion; A Dogtag is like a blank canvas, whatever you want to put on it, we can make it, we can even laser engrave your custom logo or image!

Choose your Dog Tag style & font, add your custom information or message, choose your chains, colored silencers, & gift box and then see a preview of what your finished dog tag set will look like before we actually make it!

Keep your dog safe and ensure a swift return if he gets lost with custom dog tags that have your contact info on them. Chewy offers a wide range of personalized dog tags, including custom dog ID tags in fun shapes and sizes, personalized dog ID tags with the logos of your favorite sports teams, fancy designs with crystals and more. Show off your dog's unique personality and keep him safe at the same time with these essential canine accessories.

Experts recommend custom dog tags for pets that go outside because they provide an easy way for good Samaritans to find you if your pet gets lost. Microchips work well for finding pet owners, too, but they require a trip to the vet that some people may not be able to manage in a timely fashion. Engravable metal tags provide a low-cost way to tell people how to reach you, and they're waterproof, weather resistant, durable and easy to keep clean. They're also a good way to let strangers know your dog's name, which can make him feel more at ease in an unfamiliar situation.

Choose a tag that's the appropriate size for your pet and make sure to fasten it to a secure and properly fitting collar. A dog tag that falls off won't be any use to anyone, so periodically check to make sure your dog's ID tags are securely fastened and keep the info on them up to date. You can also put special instructions on tags for dogs with special needs or medical conditions, and most collars will hold several tags at once if you need to display more info than will fit on a tag. Many tags even come with silencers to eliminate that familiar jangling noise multiple tags make when your pet moves.

Personalized dog collars with owner info embroidered on them are another good way to make sure people can contact you if your pup is found. Most dog owners use ID tags on regular dog collars, but putting ID tags on a custom collar lets you provide more info and protects your pet if the tags should get lost. Chewy carries lots of great personalized dog gifts and gear for you and everyone on your gift list, too, including custom dog mugs and custom dog picture frames. You can find personalized pet gifts for the cat lovers in your life, too, including custom drinkware and cute picture frames for those sweet kitty pics. Chewy has all the customizable gear you need to keep your pets safe and express yourself as a proud pet parent. Shop our cool selection of custom dog tags and order personalized accessories for your pup!

Personalize your dog's ID tag by clicking the "Personalize Now" button on the item page, then, add the text you want on the front and back of the tag. It will arrive with the text engraved exactly as you've typed it in, so check carefully for errors and typos. Most tags will accommodate several lines of text, so add all the relevant info (address, one or two phone numbers) people might need to contact you. You can even have tags engraved with special instructions!

Most custom dog tags come with split ring attachments that make them easy to attach securely to any collar. You should always check rings and other fasteners for integrity and inspect tags and collars periodically for signs of wear.

You can use lowercase and uppercase text on your custom dog tag. Expert engravers carefully craft each tag for superior readability, so you don't need to worry about your address being too long or the print looking crowded. Simply fill in as many lines as your custom tag allows and we'll take care of the rest!

Order custom dog tags from LogoTags, the industry leader in custom dog tag pricing, quality, and selection. We can make any dog tag in any quantity in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Some styles can be rush shipped in a matter of days for those last minute events. They are great for identification and used as school participation medals, business promotional products, church fundraisers and camp prizes. We do not charge front side setup fees for our custom dog tags, and like all of our promotional products, we offer FREE artwork proofs and FREE changes! Request a free quote or order your custom dog tags online and see why some of the most recognizable brands in the world choose LogoTags for their custom dog tags.

The classic military style dog tags on a rolled edge stainless steel tag. You can choose to have your text embossed on a shiny or matte tag. Each custom dog tag comes with a free USA made ball chain necklace.

LogoTags offers a wide variety of plating options for our custom promotional products, including gold plating, silver plating, brass plating, copper plating, nickel plating, antique plating and misty plating.

The company was started to solve a problem. The spark for the idea can be attributed to an old Chocolate lab that was persistent in one thing: wandering off. One evening Maggie wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.

Our custom embossed text military dog tags are the classic style dog tags with five lines of text stamped into a rolled-edge stainless steel tag. These custom dog tag sets are produced in the United States at our factory in Mount Vernon, NY. We take tremendous pride in making these dog tags because our parent company, Ball Chain Manufacturing, makes all of the ball chains for the U.S. Military. These tags are commonly used as medical ID alert tags similar to medical id bracelets and necklaces that ensure essential health information is on your person at all times is more important now than ever before. Enter up to 5 lines of text, select a shiny or matte finish, pick your silencers, and choose an attachment for each military dog tag. *Please note that the silencer will obstruct part of the text when placed on the dog tag. is your source for the highest quality custom dog tags at industry leading prices. Located in the LogoTags division of Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc., we proudly make all of our ball chains in the USA in Mount Vernon, New York. Family owned and operated since 1938, we bring over 80 years of production experience to our customers, and we take pride in everything we do. The U.S. military trusts us, and so should you!

Dog tags are important for the safety of your pet. In the unfortunate event that an accident does happen and your pup runs off, dog tags can help bring them back home. There are so many options for ID tag styles that you can browse to find the right fit for your furry friend.

Our entire collection of custom pet tags are thick and strong, and the engraving is clear and long-lasting. Many of you have tried the instant pet tag machines in the pet store or the discount pet tag websites and told us that the lightweight tags just don't hold up to normal wear. Our engraved pet tags are built to stand up to years of use. Our personalized dog and cat collars come in many styles. Also, be sure to browse our wide selection of cat and dog toys.

Choose our high quality steel presentation case with custom foam insert to present the tags in their best light and make them easier to wrap up and store. You can add the presentation case either by ticking the option in our tag builder or as you checkout.

You name it, we've done it with dog tags! Their uses are endless: to promote a brand, commemorate an event such as a stag or hen night, as medical ID, event souvenirs / tickets, child ID tags, fancy dress, luggage labels, a special message, online gamer ... or even as pet tags for dogs!

If you're planning to use your tags as medical ID we offer a special red dog tag with the internationally recognised star of life symbol on them. You can also choose the option to add the iceQR QR code which allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to scan your tags and access your medical or emergency contact details.

We are the sole approved supplier to the ACU, the governing body for motorcycle sport throughout the UK. Competitors can source the dog tags they need through us safe in the knowledge that they will pass scrutineering come race day.

Our very close ties to the dog tag machine manufacturers allows us support and maintain our equipment to the highest standards. As a result we guarantee a quick and reliable turnaround even for very high volume orders. All of our embossed tags are produced using the latest GSA (US Government approved) high speed electric embossing machines and all of our supplies are of the highest quality and sourced exclusively from US Government approved vendors in the USA.

Design your own custom Military Dog Tags through our easy-to-use Design Tool. Express yourself with a design on the front and back to memorialize a loved one, wedding date, or other things important to you. Includes a ball chain and small ring.

Our high quality military style dog tags are photo realistic and intended for men, women and kids. Though our tags are not intended for pets they can still be used for them. Unlike real military tags, these tags are NOT stamped and do not contain rolled edges. StickyLife Military Dog Tags contain a high gloss finish and are made from powder coated steel.

Design and buy your own custom dog tags through the help of our online design tool. What you create will be a product of your own imagination. The personalization of your dog tag can include the addition of text, clip art images and logos. You can even upload your own photos and personal pictures. We suggest keeping your design simple. Because the tags are only 1" in size; the addition of paragraphs and sentences can become too small to read. All of our custom dog tags are made right here in North Carolina. 041b061a72


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