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Fallout 3 556 Ammo

Relatively speaking, the 5.56mm round is the third most common Small Guns ammunition found in the game, compared to the .32 caliber and 10mm rounds. After The Waters of Life quest, the 5.56mm cartridge becomes more common as enemies will use assault rifles more often than hunting rifles chambered for .32 rounds. The 5.56mm ammo's world model is a black curved box magazine (resembling ones utilized by the Chinese assault rifle).

fallout 3 556 ammo


The standard type of 5.56mm ammunition, offering good performance to the shooter. Popular among civilians and soldiers alike, it is by far one of the most popular rounds in the wastelands. It can generally be used interchangeably with its parent round, the .223 Remington, due to the same casing, though some weapons might not be rated for the military-grade ammo. In such a case, the 5.56x45mm round can cause dangerous buildup of pressure inside the receiver.

These are the known codes for the various types of ammunition that can be found in Fallout 3. To add it to your inventory, open the command console () and type player.additem followed by the item code and quantity you want. For example, to add 250 rounds of .32 caliber ammo, you would type:

Sadly, it also means the weapon can kill you rather easily. Using this weapon up-close is suicide since the explosions deal so much damage. It also uses eight of the rarest ammo type in the game for every shot. Pick this weapon up from the National Guard depot to trivialize any encounter, but make sure to stand clear of the blast radius.

Assault rifles are the defacto choice for many Fallout 3 players due to their dependability and accessible ammo type. The Xuanlong Assault Rifle is the best assault rifle in the game and one of the most dependable weapons in Fallout 3.

With a DPS rating of 96, this weapon packs a serious punch for a rapid-fire Small Gun. The weapon's 5.56mm rounds are so plentiful in the Capital Wasteland that this weapon never runs into ammo problems. You can find this gun on Prime's body in the Jury Metro station after you complete Jiggs' Loot quest.

As with most Plasma weapons, the A3-21 is incredibly ammo efficient. A single shot will take down most fodder enemies. Tougher foes go down in seconds thanks to this weapons great DPS stat of 100. If you love Energy Weapons, there's no reason not to use this weapon. Harkness uses it in Rivet City. Completing The Replicated Man quest can grant this weapon based on which ending you receive.

This all comes at the cost of using the rather uncommon .44 Magnum round ammunition type. Should you come across a lot of .44 ammo, consider using the Lincoln Repeater and blowing targets to shreds with its high damage per shot. It can also be used as a descoped sniper rifle due to its perfect accuracy rating.

This weapon begs for a critical build to wield it. If every shot crits, this gun deals 298 damage a shot or over 600 DPS. Better yet, this weapon's projectile spread is practically non-existent. All of this weapon's beams stick together when fires, meaning it can be used as a devastating mid-range weapon. If this weapon wasn't so ammo hungry, it would be even higher on this list.

The XL 5.56 Microgun is essentially the non-DLC equivalent of the Vulcan Minigun, featuring almost identical handling save for a comparatively lower fire rate and higher damage. Apart from that, the Microgun is visually more stable when firing, and does not have to sacrifice its total ammo count when modding for Concealment.

Normally, that is not a problem since the most plentiful ammo available to civilians is .223 and not 5.56mm. But many people buy ARs with .223 chambers because they do not know any better, and then they find out there are drawbacks to ARs with .223 chambers.

The first drawback to .223-chambered ARs is the myth that you can shoot 5.56mm Mil-Spec ammo through it. Manufacturers that print the two calibers on rifles and in rifle manuals synonymously further perpetuate that myth.

Since 5.56mm Mil-Spec ammo is loaded hotter, it has higher chamber pressure. Built to SAAMI specs, not Mil-Spec, the .223 chamber is ever so slightly smaller than a 5.56 Mil-Spec chamber. So when you shoot 5.56 in a .223 chamber, the case cannot expand as much as it would in a 5.56 chamber.

You also will experience an increase in failures to eject the spent cases because the case has expanded so much from the hotter load in the smaller chamber, and you may not get the case out of the chamber without putting a rod down the barrel. Shooting Mil-Spec ammo through a .223 chamber also may crack your upper receiver. This is less common, but still happens, and is potentially dangerous to the shooter and nearby people.

Then there are Mil-Spec 5.56mm chambers. These are always chrome-lined in the M16/M4s for the military and typically are for their semi-auto AR-15 brothers. The 5.56mm Mil-Spec chamber is slightly larger than a .223 SAAMI spec chamber because the Mil-Spec ammo is loaded hotter and has higher chamber pressures.

So the supreme benefit of 5.56 chambers is that you can shoot .223 ammo and 5.56 out of a 5.56 chamber without reliability or safety concerns. That gives you the flexibility to take advantage of the great military surplus ammo bargains when they are available.

I used to argue this with people who repeated rumor & myth. I have never seen an AR chambered for true 223, and I wish there was. Think about it: every AR is 5 56, but nearly all ammo is 223. You get the option of shooting either, but at a cost of wasted potential. I would prefer an AR that uses the full potential of the 223. Mine are now Wylde, but even that is a compromise.

Hi still have a ? I have an ar with a bull 223 barrel and still dontno if its safe to shot 5.56 threw it , I dont no why I got the 223 barrelbecause my other ar is a 5.56. and dont want to mix up the ammo.I really dont see any problems but never no, if you could get backcause really dont want to buy another barrel. thanks for time andgetting back. ( its not that I dont understand I have MS and my mindsometimes miss understands) thanks again for reply..

When using iron sights, I prefer the ergonomics of the AK over the AR. My only real complaint with the AK is the selector lever.As a jeep rifle, I choose the AK for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that with soft point ammo, it is legal for hunting. The AR would require a second upper, mags and ammo.The AK is easier to operate, easier to strip and clean, and mounts naturally to the shoulder, similar to a shotgun. The AR, OTOH, has a buffer tube that extends straight out the rear of the receiver, forcing the shooter to shoulder the rifle in an unnatural manner, with the toe of the stock high in the shoulder pocket with a poor cheek weld.Operating the charging handle on an AR is an ergonomic nightmare, compared with many other systems.

To complicate the issue even more my Winham Vex uses the .223 Compass Lake match chamber. The leade is shorter than 5.56 but not as short as .233, and the angle at which the bullet emgages the rifling is different. I have great results so far with either ammo.

I've started up New Vegas, and exploited the shop glitch to get some caps. (SO glad they didn't fix that bug.) So I got some decent weapons and ammo, but saw some things in the shop that I wasn't sure what they were for.

Ammo Boxes are essentially a source of cheap bulk ammo. If you'll notice, each one mentions that it's a particular kind of ammunition. If you buy an Ammo Box, drop it on the ground, and then interact with it (Not sure if there's a smoother way to do this, but it's how I figured it out), you'll get a whole lot of ammunition. For reference, the box of Bulk Energy Cells sold by Chet in Goodsprings contains 100 cells. Unfortunately, being Bulk ammo, each one does 85% of normal damage. Good enough for cash-strapped Couriers, but far from ideal.

Ammo boxes are exactly what they sound like: boxes of ammunition. When you see ammo in the wasteland, it's never sitting around in the form of individual bullets; you always pick up little boxes or magazines that look like these:

The same graphics are used for equivalent ammo types (e.g. .38 Special / .357 Magnum), alternate versions of the same ammo, (i.e. hollow point and armor piercing variants) and bulk/surplus versions of the same ammo.

Some, but not all, ammo boxes contain bulk ammo. Look for the word "bulk." Here's what I got with my bulk energy cells: Gun CND 0.85 / DAM 0.85. In other words, bulk energy cells do only 85% of the damage of regular energy cells, but also only degrade your weapon 85% as quickly.

For example, the "effects" for surplus 5.56mm ammo compared to regular 5.56mm ammo are Gun CND 3.00 / DAM 1.15 So you get 115% damage output, but your weapon degrades at 300% of the usual speed. You get what you pay for.

If you only buy one ammo box, it automatically converts into the specific ammo type in your inventory. If you buy more than one in a single purchase (ie 3 energycell ammo boxes) then all three boxes go into your inventory intact and must be dropped and picked back up in order to convert them.

The box probably reduces or negates the weight of ammo stored in the box in hardcore mode. If the box weights 5 pounds and you have 8 pounds of ammo it would make more sense to put the ammo in the box and save yourself 3 pounds or something to that effect. I have no way of testing this theory at the moment but it would seem reasonable to me. If you test my theory and can confirm or deny let me know.

However, it should be noted that prices have risen a little bit due to the ongoing gun and ammunition shortage caused by society’s response to the pandemic, economic fallout, and societal unrest. In other words, the demand for firearms is higher now than it ever has been, and this has resulted in prices rising. Nonetheless, the AR-556 is still one of the more affordable AR-15s that you can get.


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