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Mr Selfridge - Season 3


The programme has been distributed internationally by ITV Studios' Global Entertainment brand.[11] ITV sold the series to a number of countries at the 2012 Mipcom event.[49] In addition they have pre-sold the show to Australia's Seven Network and the satellite television provider, Yes, in Israel.[50] In the Netherlands, Series 1 was aired starting August, 2013 and series 2 was aired from July 2014. In Sweden "Mr Selfridge" was aired at the public service network SVT. The last two episodes of season 4 were aired as a double on 25 June 2016 on SVT1.

Selfridge's third season starts in 1919, skipping over World War I, but not forgetting it. Unlike Downton Abbey (it's impossible not to compare the two, especially since they are treading along the same timeline), Mr. Selfridge doesn't want to forget about the war as a pesky thing that dampened country life for a few years. The ghosts of Verdun and the Somme haunt Selfridge's London streets, both in the form of unemployed and maimed soldiers, and in the PTSD symptoms of others.

The Selfridge children also have bigger roles to play this season, in addition to Gordon (Adam Wilson) learning the trade from his father. Rosalie's (Kara Tointon) marriage to a Russian playboy aviator (Leon Ockenden) is fraught with drama from the onset, and his schemes with his Princess mother (Zoe Wanamaker) make things hard for the family. Youngest daughter Violette (Hannah Tointon), meanwhile, seems to be becoming the face of women of means who want to do more than just shop.

With three-time Emmy winner Jeremy Piven back as the irrepressible Harry, also returning are colorful characters: the sinister Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle), defeated last season but back to make even more dastardly trouble; Josie Mardle (Amanda Abbington), the diffident department head who finally takes control of her own destiny, and Agnes Towler (Aisling Loftus) and Henri LeClair (Grégory Fitoussi), wizards of window display who find true love, but not without difficulty.

There are some lovely, happier moments for some. Gordon declares that, rather than end things with Grace, he will leave his position at Selfridges. Mr Grove finally succumbs to his feelings for Miss Mardle (a moment the fans have waited three seasons for) and they end things on a positive note. Even George shows a spark of romantic development with Connie (Sacha Parkinson), which is something I hope develops more in the future.

Piven surprised audiences by taking on the title role in the British series, Mr. Selfridge which is about the real-life department store's mogul which airs on Masterpiece on PBS and has its 3rd season premiere this Sunday, March 29th.

He soon fell in lust with music-hall artiste Ellen Love and set up an apartment for her to move into, his wife wasn't best pleased when Ellen reveals the affair half-way through the season but she had secrets of her own after posing for artist Roddy. 59ce067264


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