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How To Download Qaidi Band Full Movie In Hindi HD 1080p For Free NEW!

If you are looking for Qaidi Band full movie download in Hindi HD 1080p, you might be interested in knowing more about the film and its cast, plot, songs, and reviews. Here are some details that will help you decide whether to watch Qaidi Band or not.

How to Download Qaidi Band Full Movie in Hindi HD 1080p for Free

Qaidi Band Cast

The film features Aadar Jain and Anya Singh in their debut roles as Sanjay Khanna and Bindiya Chadha, two undertrials who are falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. They are joined by five other undertrials who form a band called Qaidi Band. The other members of the band are:

  • Luv Vispute as Tariq, a Kashmiri youth who is accused of being a terrorist.

  • Sachin Pilgaonkar as Dhulia, an old man who is accused of killing his wife.

  • Ram Kapoor as Naveen Vachani, a lawyer who helps the band with their legal issues.

  • Anna Ador as Tatyana, a Russian woman who is accused of drug trafficking.

  • Ashi Singh as Tulika, the jailers daughter who supports the band.

  • Lin Laishram as Sange, a Manipuri woman who is accused of being a separatist.

Qaidi Band Plot

The film begins with Sanjay Khanna and Bindiya Chadha being arrested for different crimes. Sanjay is accused of being involved in a bomb blast while Bindiya is accused of murdering her employer. They are taken to the same jail where they meet five other undertrials who have been languishing for years without a trial. The jailer decides to form a band with these seven undertrials for a social event on Independence Day. He hopes that this will improve his image and get him a promotion.

The band rehearses for the event and comes up with an original song called I am India, which expresses their patriotism and hope for freedom. The song becomes a viral hit on social media and attracts the attention of the media and the public. The band members also start to bond with each other and share their stories of injustice and oppression. They realize that they have been framed by corrupt officials and politicians who want to keep them behind bars.

On the day of the event, the band performs their song in front of a large audience and receives a standing ovation. They also use this opportunity to expose their false cases and demand justice. However, their act backfires as they are branded as anti-nationals and traitors by the authorities. They are beaten up by the police and thrown into solitary confinement. The jailer also turns against them and tries to sabotage their chances of getting bail.

The band members do not lose hope and continue to make music in their cells. They write another song called Phir Nayi, which expresses their optimism and resilience. They manage to record the song on a phone and send it to Naveen Vachani, their lawyer, who uploads it on social media. The song again becomes a viral hit and creates a public outcry for their release. The band members also receive support from celebrities, activists, lawyers, and journalists who take up their cause.

The film ends with the band members getting bail after a long legal battle. They walk out of the jail together as free citizens and are greeted by a large crowd of fans and supporters. They perform their song Phir Nayi on stage and celebrate their victory.

Qaidi Band Songs

The film has six songs composed by Amit Trivedi and written by Habib Faisal, Kausar Munir, Sidhant Mago, and Kumaar. The songs are sung by Arijit Singh, Yashita Sharma, Amit Trivedi, Yashika 04f6b60f66


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