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Moodle Fractions

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I've searched and read all I could find about writing fraction in moodle, and I've tried all tips I found, but still I can't write fraction in moodle.I have activated the TeX filter in site administration plugin, but it still didn't work out for me.

There is no C.M.S. that I know which would allow you to enter fractions like the one you mention or complicated mathematical expressions in any modest one line of a drop-down menu. What all systems do when the matching options are large objects (images for example) or expressions that are different from a simple one-liner ASCII text (like the math expression that you are trying to type) is to list the options in a reference table with letters as labels (a, b, c, ...), and then give those letters as the matching options of the dropdown menu. I appended below some examples (from different CMS's) on how such questions are generally adapted to use "a, b, c, ..." labels for matching questions.

Note: There are some "Math" UNICODE characters that can help you to enter some Math symbols in the dropdown menu, but the list is finite and for certain will not include the variety of fractions that you need. This is the link that Jeff Forssell kindly gave me (look for the list #22 that contains Math symbols)

I was able to implement this when I did scanned exams, because I could use a string distance function to tell how many characters differ in two strings that coded the answers and the solutions. But I want to do this in moodle now, so I cannot control the evaluation.

I am using latex for a course presentation on fractions ( account). I noticed that sometimes this produces little scrollbars on the text box that I can't seem to get rid of. I've tried all kinds of things to get rid of them with no luck. I'm wondering if there is a max amount of times you can use it per slide

First, we need to select which type of question we will use. Among all the possible options, the best one for adding two fractions is Short answer because we expect the student to answer with just the result.

WirisQuizzes Studio is the main workspace. Here we will provide the correct answer and some matching criteria regarding the form of the solution. For instance, in the next example, we will see how to set the question so that only simplified fractions are correct. You can find more detailed information about WirisQuizzes Studio in its dedicated page.

This is a class for students who have thoroughly mastered addition and subtraction of numbers to 40 using vertical algorithms, as well as using mental calculation strategies. Students must know the multiplication table up to 5 and related division facts, have basic understanding of fractions and be able to solve simple word problems including problems which involve multiplication and division.

We will continue on with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, paying special attention to mental calculation as well as we develop a deeper understanding of the place values. We will also learn how to find a number given a sum and a difference of two numbers and how to make a whole with fractions (with like denominators). We will learn how to solve problems with money, time and time intervals and other units of time.

The 4th grade arithmetic program will be studied in depth and at a rigorous level. The topics of fractions, long division, and multiplication, and in the winter semester, decimals, will be covered. Factorization, primes, divisibility, and counting principles will be prominent in the program. Geometry, including area, perimeter, and volume of cubes, will be covered, with complex problems on each. The course will have a heavy emphasis on challenging problem solving, with Olympiad preparation done throughout, with topics in logic, sets, number theory, probability, and combinatorics. The program is for those who wish to study mathematics at a deep level, with age-appropriate problems, and a test is required for entrance into this class.

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