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[S2E21] The Girl Next Door

Peter asks Jeremy to set him up with some British girls. Jeremy invited Peter to a party where he hits it off with the only other American there and asks her out. She says yes, but then he finds out she is a mother. On their date, Peter is not used to being out with an interesting and intelligent woman. He is disappointed the next day when Jeremy tells him Lisa is not interested in seeing him again. Peter interrupts her at work to ask for a second chance.

[S2E21] The Girl Next Door

When Kara steps outside to contemplate the notion of the greater good, she finds Cat perched next to a dumpster, listening to the emergency sirens wail. Cat thanks Supergirl for saving her, and Supergirl explains her dilemma.

Back in her hospital room, Diana Prince tells the young girl that she knows that the jewelry she wears allows her to do things that other young boys and girls can't do. She also knows that the jewelry cannot be removed. She asks if that is the reason that she was kidnapped. The girl confesses that she felt out of place with her special abilities and gives a partial description of her upductor when Simone Penrose enters the room. Since the girl won't tell them her name, Simon decides to call her Tina. Simon and Dianna step out of the room for a minute to discuss something and Tina listens at the door. Simon has asked a metallurgist to come to the hospital to examine the girls jewelry in the hopes that it can be traced. Dianna tries to warn him that Tina will probably object, but Simon is determined, so Tina gets dressed and leaves the hospital room through the window. Diana Prince returns to the room and finds her missing.

Sam finds a chest with a hunting knife inside and collects it. He turns around to find Ava rubbing her temples as though she's in pain. He asks if she's okay, she says she's just freaked out and hungry. Andy rushes in; he's found two bags of salt that they can line against the house to protect themselves. At that moment Sam notices that Lily is missing. The group hears laughing coming from outside and head towards the front door. As they walk outside, they find Lily dead and hanging from the windmill. Sam realizes that Lily was trying to leave and that the demon is not going to let them get away that easily. They must stay and gear up for the next attack.

The next morning, Craig comes downstairs and teases Joey that he needs to buy him a steak for his bruised, cut eye. Joey asks if he's serious about visiting Children's Aid and Craig says yes as the doorbell rings. He worries that it's his dad but Joey doubts it and goes to answer the door. Craig watches as two policemen come into the hall and have a conversation with Joey about something he can't hear. When the police leave, a stunned Joey comes forward and tells Angela to go upstairs and clean her room. Craig's confused, thinking that his dad sent the police to come and get him, but Joey shakes his head no and tells Craig to sit down. Joey is visibly uneasy and admits that he does not know how to tell Craig what he has to say but explains that his father had an accident the night before. Craig groans and makes to get up, assuming that his dad is in the hospital, but Joey makes him stay. Craig stares, dumbfounded, as Joey explains that Albert didn't make it and he's gone.

Back in Miami, Ryan acquires a bottle of water from the bar and ends up chatting with the dude next to him. See, he's come down to Miami from Bob Jones University with his bible study friends (who are all jacked up) to find his girlfriend. She's fixing to participate in some immoral contest with some chap who isn't her boyfriend (obvs) and 1) he doesn't want this to happen at all plus 2) she'll probably get kicked out of school due to their honor code if this actually happens. Obviously we're talking about Mary Sue here.

Meanwhile, Aria, Hanna, and Emily go to the address Jonah gave them. It is the house of an abandoned law firm office. The door is locked, so they look around. Aria sees a stack of letters in the mail slot and goes to investigate. She pulls at a letter when suddenly a creepy old man yells back at her from inside. An alarm goes off. Terrified, she falls backward and hurts her leg. The other girls help her up and they run away.

The next morning, Danny and Chin arrive at the Hawaii Medical Center in Honolulu to talk to Vanessa Palmer who along with her two children have been quarantined. Vanessa tells Danny and Chin that the doctors don't believe that they've been infected but they want to keep them under observation just to be sure. She then breaks down, telling Danny and Chin that she should have helped her husband but Danny tells her that she 100% did the right thing in not opening the door and that she saved her own life as well as those of her children's.

George enters the locker room and he's visibly disappointed to see Meredith is still there. Alex notices it and tells him he's a pathetic man. He's like a whiny little girl. Alex tells Meredith that George is not speaking to her because he's not over her. He tells George a man would move on, but he keeps moping around like a dog that likes to get kicked. It makes Alex sick, and if it wouldn't get him kicked out of the program, he'd smash George's pathetic face into his locker. He slams the door of his locker closed and leaves.

As the Connection begins, all Geass ruins around the world begin to vibrate. Anya wakes up next to the door to C's World, wondering where she is. Aboard the Avalon, Kanon reports to Schneizel of the activity occurring all over the world. He then turns to Bismarck, who tells him that it is Charles's plan being set in motion. Bismarck claims that if Charles is successful, then Schneizel will be granted whatever remains of the world to rule. However, Bismarck warns Schneizel that if this occurs, the meaning of politics will forever change.

Greater Meaning: The question mark in the title refers to the middle section of Locke's map from the blast door that identifies the hidden hatch in the ground but also reflects Locke's confused state over what his role on the island should be. The episode is focused upon Eko and his faith, but Locke is very much a part of it, too. In a way, Locke and Eko switch roles: Locke, who has always had an unwavering faith in the island, is thrown for a loop when he realizes the hatches were created to be psychological experiments by the Dharma Initiative, and Eko, who lived a life of violence before assuming his departed brother's role as a priest, finds faith for the first time after his dreams lead him to the hatch. Locke feels he has been made a fool of; Eko trusts the words and guidance of Yemi, who has come not only to him in dreams but spoke to the girl whose death and alleged resurrection was thought a miracle even before Oceanic 815 crashed onto the island. It's more than a little coincidental that the entrance to the new hatch lay directly beneath the plane that brought Yemi to the island and resulted in the eventual death of Boone, both events that tested the faiths of Eko and Locke.

Hal goes over to Craig's house and finds Dewey sitting in the middle of the room saying that he cannot do anything right. Hal asks where Jellybean is and Dewey tells him about how he left the door open, he asks if they have to tell mom, Hal says that they are in a serious situation and that it does not require to tell Lois. Hal lectures Dewey that cats are nocturnal creatures and that they love going out at night, and that Jellybean is safe, and will turn up eventually. Hal's first attempt is leaving the window open with a bowl of cat food for Jellybean and ensures Dewey that everything is going to be fine, the next day Craig's apartment has been looted and vandalized -- on the bright side, Dewey sees that Jellybean did come back to eat the food. 041b061a72


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