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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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Lincoln Wright

EKLH Free Font Download !!BETTER!!

ShreeLipi Setup With All Fonts is an impressive and rich package for the Indoan language fonts like Dev Ratna which contains 296 ITR Devnagari Fonts, 1037 Modular and additional 4400 Dev Bahar fonts. It contains 14 Modular bilingual Fonts, 400 English fonts and 101 symbol fonts. You can also download FontLab Fontographer.

EKLH Free Font Download !!BETTER!!

ShreeLipi Setup With All Fonts has got two completely new font layouts which are ShreeLipi-Ex and ShreeLipi-7 and they will help the user to overcome many difficulties faced while using Windows applications. This application allows you to insert date and time in Indian languages in 12 different formats. It has also been equipped with a online Hindi dictionary plus it has got a Spellchecker which is an online spell checking facility for Indian languages. It has also got an in-built Text Styler known as ROOPA which will give effects like Condensation, Shadow, Expansion, Rotation and Outline to Text etc. All in all ShreeLipi Setup With All Fonts is an imposing and rich package for Indian language fonts. You can also download APS Font Designer 4.


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