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Teamviewer 12

I am using TV 12 and my partner uses the same version. But I still can not connect to my partner pc. When I try to connect partner PC, an error message comes "Reason unknown". Since this is my trusted pc and I have added my partner's id/password in my teamviewer. Can you please guide me how i can connect?

Teamviewer 12

I'm thankful for the direct link to version 12 and your kind help, but you *really* should evalute [email protected] how you make absolutely sure to have correct downloads in place for all types of teamviewer on the download page at the same time and why there's nobody double-checking (it seems to me it's a one-man job and nobody checking for correct download links before releasing the new page / or you're actually just editing the "live" download page as you see fit). That kind of change-management has now again been proven to not work for you guys. Just saying!

*on laptop#1 i duplicated my problem by installing tv15 => uninstalled 15 /w deleting user settings ticked, deleting user %appdata% and deleting all registry entries i could find (HKLM/software/teamviewer registry key says that version is 15.22.03)=> restarted => installed tv12 => logged in with company credentials => restarted (for good measure) => tried to connect but no luck (registry key was 12.0.259192, UpdateVersion key was 15.22.03) in-app settings version was 12.0.259192.

# Teamviewer178.77.120.6 master1.teamviewer.com178.77.120.104 master2.teamviewer.com178.77.120.100 master3.teamviewer.com178.77.120.102 master4.teamviewer.com178.77.120.6 master5.teamviewer.com178.77.120.100 master6.teamviewer.com178.77.120.102 master7.teamviewer.com178.77.120.104 master8.teamviewer.com178.77.120.106 master9.teamviewer.com178.77.120.104 master10.teamviewer.com178.77.120.100 master11.teamviewer.com178.77.120.6 master12.teamviewer.com178.77.120.102 master13.teamviewer.com178.77.120.106 master14.teamviewer.com178.77.120.106 master15.teamviewer.com178.77.120.106

2017/01/18 16:12:37.014 72 123145321435136 S0 Activating Router carrier2017/01/18 16:12:37.060 72 123145321435136 S0 CKeepAliveClientClient::HandlePing(): success2017/01/18 16:12:37.060 72 123145321435136 S0 Activating Router carrier2017/01/18 16:12:37.060 72 123145321435136 S0 CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[18]::CreateMasterConnect():, Connection 18, proxy=''2017/01/18 16:12:37.085 72 123145321435136 S0 CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[18]::HandleMasterConnect(): Sending MasterCommand addonchannels=0&client=TV&f=Login&gw=1&gwlevel=431&hideonlinestatus=1&httpout=1&ic=-1550931892&id=515194532&iguid=2835e944-e7db-4007-83a2-d5877b53e13c&language=en&licensetype=0&mid=0x10ddb1ba7996_C02KC9MCDNCR_MacVersion&midf=128&midhistory=0x10ddb1ba7996_C02KC9MCDNCR_MacVersiono10ddb1ba7996c02kc9mcdncr

TeamViewer is installed under /opt/teamviewer directory. If you take a look at this directory, you can find that TeamViewer for Linux is actually a Wine package based on its Windows version. Wine is a program which allows running Microsoft Windows programs on Unix.

I tried enabling the "Enable black screen option in the settings on the teamviewer "server", but when I did that the client couldn't even connect - it got stuck on "Initializing display parameters" forever.

After downloaded the teamviewer package on your system, lets install it as per your operating system. If you are system is rpm based use yum or dnf command to install required dependencies. If you are using debian based system use dpkg command then apt-get to install all the dependencies. 350c69d7ab


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