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Deuces Cracked Poker Videos Online

DeucesCracked was a poker instruction website business and an internet forum for the discussion of poker strategy. DeucesCracked offers a fee-based service that provides access to their catalogue of poker instructional videos.

Prior to founding DeucesCracked, Jay Rosenkrantz established a personal coaching company Jay, alongside industry competitor and CardRunners professional Taylor Caby, featured in a Forbes Video Network documentary[1] that explored the world of online poker-coaching as an emerging business in 2007.

Training videos were produced in 8-part series, and each series was part of a video season.[3] Video series cover a variety of poker games, including, Texas hold 'em, Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw, Seven-card stud, Stud 8-or-Better and Razz. It has also produced material covering H.O.R.S.E., 8-game and 7-game mix.

Jay Rosenkrantz is a minor celebrity from the G4TV series 2 Months 2 Million. In November 2009, Jay's co-star and poker professional Dani Stern joined Deucescracked as an executive producer after leaving a rival training site, PokerSavvyPlus.[7]

Thinking about signing up for an online poker training site but would like to try before you buy? DeucesCracked is giving you the opportunity to do just that with its Free Flash Festival. You can watch all the videos on DC for free through tomorrow, April 9.

There are strategy videos against Isildur1 and even a training session with PokerNews' very own, Kristy Arnett. She has been paired up with Andrew "Balugawhale" Seidman, who is teaching her the secrets to crushing the no-limit hold'em games online.

Robert Oulton was arrested Wednesday in the fatal beating of his wife Yvonne Oulton. Police say that to create an alibi, Mr. Oulton entered a poker tournament at Isle Casino & Racing Sunday night, the night Yvonne was killed. He then used his son to help him "look for his wife," and eventually led him to the body. After thorough investigation, surveillance videos connected Oulton to the homicide.

DeucesCracked ReviewThe month was October 2008. A fellow poker player and I decided that we wanted to join one of the many training sites out there. We did our research and soon narrowed the list to a few of the top rated sites. We then compared the content of each, startup fees, and monthly prices. We discovered that DeucesCracked had a free 7 day trial so why not try that? Talk about a smart business move on their part. I quickly learned that their videos were DRM free! This means you can download them, put them on your ipod, burn them to a cd - all without being handcuffed by DRMs! Their philosophy is one of freedom and I can't tell you how refreshing that feels. Throw in the fact that they don't charge a startup fee and their prices are very affordable and you've got yourself a very promising start.How is the actual site you ask? AMAZING. I'll get to the poker content soon enough, but first let me say that there are other things to consider. First, technical support. The moderators of the forums reply to any problems you have almost instantly. Can't get the videos to work? Having problems logging in? All of your issues will be addressed in a very timely manner, often by some of the top guns for the whole site, Entity and Joe Tall.Another facet that you should consider when selecting a training site is the community. Are members active in the forums? Are coaches active in the forums? The answer for DC is a resounding yes and yes. Once you start posting, you'll join a poker community with which you can share ideas, have a laugh, and grow as a player and a person.Now to the poker content (I know, finally). I come from a tournament background and came to DC to learn how to play cash, which is their specialty. My game has improved by leaps and bounds since joining thanks to their educational videos, such as Real Life MicroNL Grinder, The Coaching Tree, and Unconventional Wisdom. What came as a complete surprise, however, was a little series called Last Man Standing by AMT (Alex Triner). This series focuses on SNGs and proves to be a seemingly hidden gem among cash game videos. Over the course of 8 videos, AMT single-handedly turned my SNG game inside out and took me from a break-even player to a regular winner at stakes from $6.50 to $60. He explains the "bias against confrontation" concept and describes how a chip in your stack is worth more than winning other chips early in the tournament. The idea that doubling your stack early doesn't double your equity in the tournament made perfect sense and seems simple now, but I must say it was revolutionary when I first heard it. These are just a few of the concepts explained (I'm not sure I want to share any more!). AMT teaches in a manner that is very easy to understand, and his articulate style combined with the depth of his knowledge will most likely result in me hiring him as a personal coach in the future.So in conclusion, DeucesCracked gives you a free trial, no startup fee, affordable monthly prices, amazing and quick technical support, and pure, unadulterated poker knowledge in an interactive environment. And after all of that, they are still working to improve every day, and it shows. Beat that.

You really can't argue with names like Taylor Caby, muddywater, Brian Townsend and Cole South. These are easily some of the best players to ever grace the online poker tables. The only coach missing from this lineup is Phil Galfond, but he has his own training site with Bluefire Poker.

This risk-free introduction to the world of online poker has resulted in attracting a less experienced audience, meaning that much of their material focuses on turning new players into winning players.

The above-listed training sites are some of the best online but depending on your skill level, stakes, bankroll, and preferred game type, the best site for your game can wildly differ. Most sites allow players a free trial, or at least, the ability to view their video library and lessons before signing up. Take advantage of this and be sure to look for information that will suit your skill level. For my money, DeucesCracked is the best training site for poker players of all stakes.

At the same time, poker education is not just about "what" to think but also "how" to think and while the former is best learned from up to date videos and articles, the latter - not necessarily so. While the betting patterns presented in old books and videos might be suboptimal in the current environment, the way authors and instructors thought about poker might be far superior in the materials from a few years back to anything that's available on the market today.

When it comes to video series that aged gracefully The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment by Tommy Angelo and Wayne Lively is akin to a fine wine. The series has as much if not more value in 2017 than it had almost a decade ago. In a highly competitive world of online poker, it's important to care not only about the quality of your betting patterns but also about your mindset.

So what do Deuces Cracked give you for your money? Well the site is packed full of poker information, mostly in the form of tutorial videos made by pros. I must say that the content looks endearing, there are videos on every conceivable subject to do with poker. From Multi Table Tournament advice to cash games there are several videos on things such as the early game hands to open raise, raising pre-flop and many more.

Deuces Cracked is well known for the quality of the forums on the site in providing a place for poker players to discuss their experiences and share knowledge gained over the course of their play. This is an excellent way for beginners to learn together. These forums have proven to be a particularly effective tool in aiding players in their quest to enhance their poker skills. The forums are divided into several topics of discussion. These topics range from discussion of general themes, such as General Poker Discussion and Poker Site Discussion right into the most detailed items such as Micro Stakes Online No Limit and Full Ring No Limit. This ensures that the variety of possibilities for learning and study of the game is dramatic, those with access to these forums should find that there is an answer waiting for them online.

For anyone not certain as to whether they would rather be spending their money on actually playing the game online, Deuces Cracked offers a free seven day trial period for prospective members to decide as whether this will be a profitable endeavour. There are also testimonies from professional players giving testimonials as to the fact that they honed their skills through Deuces Cracked. There are also blogs and articles written about the game of poker. 350c69d7ab


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