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Hello STRUT Performers. Feel free to get familiar with your STRUT 2020 Soundrack.

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Gabriel Wright
Gabriel Wright

Fireback Subtitles English

We discovered a fascinating range of possible foundations, drainage from every era and bricks, tiles and flints, opening up all sorts of questions about what buildings were in front of the house in the past. Our finds were medieval, Tudor and later, including buttons, coins, nails and an intriguing cast-iron fireback, re-used as part of a drain.

Fireback subtitles English

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That production garnered positive reviews when it was performed in Tokyo, and again at the Lincoln Center in New York with English subtitles. Both times, Go Morita of pop group V6 played the central role of Mizoguchi, the stuttering young monk through whom Mishima explores beauty, sexuality, and his fears that Japan lost its essence when the Emperor renounced his divinity after World War II.

Grace quietly speaks to N'deh in the Na'vi language, surprising Josh. It is the first time he has heard it spoken. It is musical and lilting, and by the sound of it very complex. Grace seems quite fluent. By subtitles we understand that she is asking him to help her load the sampling equipment into the Samson. N'deh closes his eyes for a half second, which we will come to see means the same as our nod of agreement. They walk toward the Aerospatiale together. Josh hears shots and turns. There is a commotion out on the killing ground. Near the tractors, an enormous animal has burst from the treeline and is charging for the fence.

Zuleika speaks to Tsu Te in their language. In subtitles we learn that the Matriarch has instructed her to teach the alien the ways of the forest, to see if it can be done. Tsu Te sneers at that, and says something which needs no translation. Tsu Te flips his head and catches the end of his long queue in one hand. With the other hand he gently takes one moth-like antennae of his direhorse, and bends it down toward him. Next, he does an amazing thing... he touches the end of his hair to the end of the antenna, which looks like a feather. The "hair" comes alive, rapidly interweaving with the feather-like tendrils. 041b061a72


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